Raising a Musically Inclined Child

Music plays an important role in developing child\’s motor skills. Introducing them to music at an early age provides a numerous lifetime benefits. Studies shows that children who are expose to music are more likely to experience higher self-esteem, self-awareness, improves attention span and will be more likely to participate on physical activities.
The following are helpful suggestions for a Child\’s early and often introduction to music:
1. Sing to your child. 
Show how much you enjoy singing, and before you knew it, your child will actually sing along with you. Sing at the top of your lungs even though you don\’t have an \”interesting\” voice! It may sound a desperate screaming or shouting  as some of us admittedly  can\’t carry a tune, but who cares? your child still thinks you have a lovely voice and you will definitely inspire them.
2. Dance with your child.
Kids are attracted to the beat of the music and will definitely enjoy moving, swaying, or bouncing to their hearts\’ delight. It\’s not only fun and entertaining, but also provides a good exercise. You can joyfully watch their dance moves based on how the music makes them feel.
3. Introduce child-appropriate music.
To help engage your child in music, help him/her to  internalize and focus on basic music patterns and choose age-appropriate music to instill.
4. Consider enrolling in formal music lessons.

If your child seems interested playing musical instruments and making music, encourage him/her by enrolling at music lessons. Early exposure to singing, guitar, piano, and other types of music lessons shows more sophisticated brain responses to music. Keyboard is the best instrument to learn for great coordination.

Look for instructor who are trained to handle kids and offers a unique and powerful method, just like Music Institution at Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons

5. Build Memories with music.

Share your favorite song/s to your child and create life-time memories. Back home, we had \’Sunday\’s Best\’ where my parents plays beautiful  Oldies but Goodies music. The songs played from early morning till we had our lunch, we ended up having a lazy-cozy afternoon, a great family tradition that never fails to give a relaxing ambiance.

Overall, the simplicity and complexity of music contributes not only to a child\’s brain development but also improves physical and social skills, encourage creativity and other numerous  significant benefits.

So, starting with your child\’s musical development as early, or even before they were born is definitely a must!

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