Halloween Party Masks

Halloween is my favorite event next to Christmas. It all started when my son enjoys wearing costume on every Trick or Treat party celebration we attended from my previous work and at the malls.
He is so looking forward on what\’s costume to wear on the next Halloween and really enjoyed being on character. Now it becomes a must for us to attend a trick or treat event for our two kids.
I even planned to host a celebration at home and invite other kids where I can prepare fun and frightful meals and have spooky decorations they will surely love!
I have long been wanted to host such party, but never had a chance to do so due to conflict of schedule. Not again at this time as we are going to spend a 3-day vacation at Pico Sands Hotel from October 30 to November 1.
Anyway, if given a chance to host such event, I will have any of these Halloween Party Masks offered at  www.sammydress.com:

These items were on sale so I can afford to have all these three! but this one\’s my personal favorite that can easily match my halloween dress: 
My son\’s last costume was \”Darth Maul\” which I ordered online from ebay. I remember asking him too many times if he was really decided to have that costume because it was a bit scary for kid at his age. The mask looks more of a hell boy and small kids were really scared upon seeing him, his cousin even cried and was really afraid to get near him.
And now as we browse through wide selections of masks and party supplies, I am not surprised as he chose this \”Saw Movie\” Jigsaw Puppet Mask for $2.57
Wow, pretty scary huh?! I felt under spell looking on its eyes… good choice. We can just match it with black long sleeves, black pants and shoes, and a pair of white gloves (budget wise!). 
Weeee, I feel inspired already planning for a trick or treat party. By the way, November is my birthday month and wouldn\’t mind if I  just celebrate a Halloween party instead.
Adding these balloons would be perfect for this Halloween celebration:
Hosting such party would definitely be an unforgettable  experience, it\’s a creative and fun way to celebrate with family and friends. What\’s next to search was spooky recipe ideas and not just candies as  treats.  
Next Halloween would be perfect for us to try this out. I just had to make a sure way to avoid ridiculous taxes imposed by Customs which we experienced when we bought that Darth Maul Costume. 


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