The All-New Nissan NP300 Navara Review

I usually blogged about the products and services I personally experience, and so here goes our personal review of the 2015 Nissan NP300 Navara 4×2 6MT Calibre we bought last month! It was released last September 9, to be exact.
We availed our brand new truck thru Bank Financing, and were given 2 options, where we chose the one which offers 1 month Free amortization and  we avail the BPI  Auto Loans\’  \”Bagong Kotse , 1-month Libre\” promo, that\’s equals 2 months free; so our monthly amortization will start on November pa (nice di ba?!).

I let my husband do the research on what and where to buy. I just laid down all my requirements and we ended up on  Nissan\’s Navara. My five (5)  simple requirements are as follows:
1. Should costs less than a million for low monthly amortization
          NP300 price starts at PhP916,000, for 4×2 6MT Calibre, it\’s PhP 957,000.

           We managed to have ours at 16,588 monthly amortization with 20% down payment.

2. Can perform tough cargo jobs 

            Its Double Cab features a bed length of 1503 mm, width of 1560 mm, and depth of 474 mm – tons of space for tons of cargo.

             Suitable for family and business use. Now, we are ready to move our items with ease!

3. Fuel efficient

         The 6-speed manual transmission increased fuel efficiency while it optimized shift stroke controls.

4. Offers high comfort 

            It has \”zero-gravity\” front seats! You won\’t be needing  neck and lumbar pillows. The seats  were surprisingly designed for a relaxed posture and  can help minimize body stress.

5. Should have attractive exterior and interior design

                As we arrived at the Nissan showroom, we are certain that we want the \’Savanna Orange\’, but we ended up on \’Alpine White\’. Why? it\’s out of budget (mas mahal pala).
            Husband and I were both impressed with how it  looks, \’maangas  tingnan\’, the concave surfaces brings out the masculinity and makes it more appealing.
               It has spacious interior, the backseat has plenty of knee and ample head room for 3 adults.

             It has plenty of cup holders, (yes, it\’s very important for us especially for the kids). It has a  total of 6, four in front and two in rear.

               USB, aux and bluetooth for smartphone connectivity.

                It has simple, but modern dashboard.

That\’s it! That\’s basically my own  requirements met by this truck. I don\’t drive, so husband relayed his driving experience.

He says that it has a smooth acceleration and shifting and an integrated rear-spoiler helps improve aerodynamics on the highway.

He had recovered from slipped disc, and really appreciate the spinal support front seat that helps reduced fatigue during long drives. 

We were very much pleased and was convinced that we made a wise decision, considering its affordability  and good quality. We are now proud owners of a tough and smart truck. =)

Ms. Rhya, the pretty and accommodating Sales Marketer at Nissan WestGate Alabang gave us free accessories (bedliner, side tint, and seat cover) and welcome us with a bottle of red wine on the released day.

Nissan provides legendary reliability and proven quality when it comes to pick-ups. So, all we can say is that this NP300 Navara is worth checking out.

What\’s next? Carryboy and  more accessories! Any recommendations?


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  1. It's been a year now since I learned how to drive and I'm currently driving a Ford pickup and a Honda civic, malaki and difference. Im more confident in riding a truck kasi hindi ako mabubully sa daan lalo na kapag traffic! Congrats on the new truck! I love the sleek white and the angst of this big toy!


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