Progressive Mom\’s brand story with Friso Four

Quitting my job and being a work from home mom provides a more flexible schedule that keeps me looking forward for more meaningful moments with my family.
I had to admit that  my journey of changing my work-home routine doesn\’t come as easy. Spending more time at home, means  more of all the small chaos of  my kids, terrible ways of expressing their emotions, whining, demands or unbelievable situation that had me loose my control and test my patience.
I do have a rescue call of passing it over to the husband if I can no longer contain myself to atleast follow the \”No yell, No spank\” discipline.
We managed to keep Progressive parenting and make it work at home. I don\’t embrace the whole domesticity per se. We are the \”parenteam\” who  shares the chores, the joyful moments of the kids\’ every milestone and experience and even the anxieties and sometimes disappointments that comes with it.

While we all have a different story to tell, I know it all boils down on giving the best quality care for our children.

It is being on top of our child\’s developmental stages as our utmost priority.

\”I know how important it is for her to have all kinds of experiences (good and bad ones) and while I know that stumbles and falls will make her stronger, as a mom I naturally worry that she may get hurt in the process.\”

This statement was based on every Friso Mom\’s Advocate, which I definitely agree.

Progressive Moms knows that there\’s a bigger world for her child, other than their family unit, that will encourage child\’s development. But she\’s also faced with a tension of the \’unceasing protection\’. She wants to be part of every experience and milestone of her child.

\”Progressive, cares like a mother, supports like a best friend…\”

Good to know that Friso has started its partnership with Mercury Drug as its Retail Partner!

So, if it\’s about time to switch from \”1-3yrs. Formula Milk\”,  Friso encourages you to visit your child\’s pediatrician to claim the Friso Four kit, which includes an Exclusive Mercury Drug Card. By purchasing Friso Four from Mercury Drug, Moms gets the chance to win perks and prizes, exclusively from Friso Four (final list of prizes and partners to be published in

Here\’s an introduction to Friso:

Friso Milk is known the world over as the pro-digestion milk, the result of a unique partnership between Nature and Science.  Aside from undergoing the least processing, it has LockNutri – a way of preserving milk protein closer to its natural structure – thereby making it easy to digest.

Friso is a wise and uncompromising brand.  Quality of nutrients is at its core, with LockNutri preserving proteins in its natural structure, which helps Child’s better digestion.  Friso is also loving, similar to a Mom’s love for her child.  Friso wants to be part of every milestone and experience of the child, as he grows up to be smart, secure, and confident. 

It promises to provide the full nutritive value of milk, and allow you to experience more together!

Friso Four makes your child strong inside.

Friso Four takes the best of nature and Science. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk.

Scientists make the most of  this natural goodness with a special process that locks in milk\’s nutrients. Friso Four helps your child to get the right building blocks to be strong from the inside – allowing them to take on every experience.

As parents, exposing ourselves and sharing with the interests of our growing child, I know, will encourage her to be at her best.

I agree, that when kids are more resilient,  Moms feel more confident to let them experience everything!

I am now fully enjoying the benefits of spending more time at home. With the choices I\’ve made, It made me realized how much I\’ve missed with my eldest when I am still working full time.

How about you, what\’s your progressive mom story?


30 responses to “Progressive Mom\’s brand story with Friso Four”

  1. I strongly agree with you that as a parent we should nurture our child on all aspects including socially by guiding them with their experiences with the world that exists outside home. I think FRISO is relatively new in market and looks like a good choice. Thanks for sharing.


  2. FRISO seems to be a reliable brand. I will take note of this and ask my pedia if it can be given to my son. He starts drinking formula milk now that im disciplining him. Being pregnant again and breastfeeding at the same time is somehow challenging.


  3. Parenting is all about making the best decisions and choices for our precious children, though sometimes the best for our kids is to allow them to fail or get hurt sometime. Lol parenting is so tough… 😀


  4. I haven't tried Friso but will keep i mind all the details about it.Chelsea is already 5 yrs.old and using a different brand. I'm also a stay at home mom, don't have regrets.I'm happy to see them and be with her everyday.


  5. Hi Cris! Unfortunately, I didn't met my kids milk requirement at that time. Low supply, high demand. hehe… I breastfed for 2days lang, then I have no choice but to switched to formula, our pedia advised me so, not to starve our loud crying little bundle.


  6. I used to feed my child with formula but ever since my child hit 2 months, I started feeding her with full breastmilk. Once I start giving her formula again, I'll consider this brand. 🙂


  7. My son is very picky when it comes to choosing milk. I think he doesn't like the taste of most cows milk kaya nahirapan kami. I haven't tried Friso on my son but I'm glad to give it a try. 🙂


  8. I agree with you sis, being a parent we should facilitate and guide our kids in all aspects of their lives as they grow up we need to watch them because sometimes the influence of our environment is scary maybe if we will not guide them they will destruct or confused in our environment socially. It's nice that Frisco formula is your partner specially to your pretty one.


  9. I use a different brand for my eldest, just because she is lactose-intolerant. For my second child, she stopped drinking milk na, but I gave her chocolate milk from another brand. I'll check this out and hopefully, they have chocolate flavor 🙂


  10. Tried Friso when my son was 5 and he loved it, but he stopped drinking it when he turned 7 and he opted to choco drinks. Friso is not as commercialized as other milk brands but for me it is better…


  11. I want to be a WAHM, too! My kids use different brand and like you I was not able to meet my sons' high demand of milk so I breastfed them for 3 mos only. I won't change their milk but I must agree that we should nurture them in all aspects. Thank you for this thought, Mommy!


  12. I salute you for choosing the WAHM path over the corporate work. It's not an easy thing to do, diba? Anyway, parang nakita ko na itong Friso before. I will have to check pag napadaan ako sa Mercury Drugstore. 😀


  13. I'm a progressive mom too and so far it's been working well for my kids, if I do say so myself. 🙂 I've heard of this brand but haven't tried it yet though.


  14. I like this statement \”Progressive, cares like a mother, supports like a best friend…\” I wish my son will consider me not only his mom but also his bestfriend forever 🙂


  15. As a work at home mom, we really have the advantage to be with our kids most, if not all, of the time.I guess the key to giving the best care to our kids is balance. We must learn how to balance work, mommy time, and managing the household.


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