Enjoy Designers at your Fingertips at StyleWe

It\’s been two years since my sister moved abroad to work. After a year, I began to be her personal shopper as I used my CC for her online purchases.
It started with clothes and personal items that she can\’t find, that she had the interest to browse online stores. She then send the link to me so I can checkout the item for delivery at her place. That made me browse items for myself as well (*wink).
Nowadays, we had the confidence to shop online because of the accurate measurement guide from the seller\’s site. We\’ve been eyeing StyleWe, an online shopping platform that featured independent fashion designers.
I like their unique, and the wide choices of different syles that promised high quality standards.  Ofcourse, they also offer trendy one piece jumpsuit whether for casual or summer wear fashion.
Below pics were my personal choice for a simple yet elegant design:

The selection of petite jumpsuit offered on the site ( I know) was waaay too perfect for me! I just love this classy Vneck short sleeve design to add up on my special occasion dresses.

Oh well, being a WAHM for 3 years already, I now missed wearing smart casual dresses. I can only wished I have the perfect event to wear one of these.
If you are looking for a unique and exclusive designer fashions, I recommend you checkout StyleWe and enjoy the SALE carnival  from 15 to 50% OFF. 

29 responses to “Enjoy Designers at your Fingertips at StyleWe”

  1. I also like looking for products online but I prefer to buy it in store. I have several orders na kasi to different online shops, but the product especially clothes doesn't look and fit the way it is. So medyo nadala na ko… What I do is I look at products online, and then check it personally sa store before I buy it.


  2. The grey jumpsuit looks nice. I haven't tried wearing a jumpsuit or a playsuit before. I can only imagine the situation when doing business in the comfort room.


  3. I buy clothes online but sometimes buying online can be hard bec as what I've been seeing on my newsfeed, sometimes it can be a disappointment. Though I haven't experienced it naman! Hehe! Love the styles on the photos though! 🙂


  4. I love online shopping. It is so easy and convenient. However for clothes and shoes, I still prefer going the stores personally, unless I am looking for a special item I cant find instores. Will check StyleWe.


  5. You're right. I am a WAHM, too, and there are a lot of my formal clothes and dresses which are just stocked in the cabinet. Some of it, I already sold in one of the FB mommy support group's buy and sell. I would love to shop for new clothes pero lagi kong iniisip, saan ko naman kaya magagamit eh lagi lang ako nasa bahay? Haha! So I buy na lang whenever there's an occasion I need to attend to. And most of the time, online shops are my go-to. 🙂


  6. Online shopping is a great option these days.Mostly, I buy nursing clothes online.Those jumpsuits really look fashionable but as of yet can't really wear them. I love the gray one too.


  7. I checked their site and they're from UK pala. I haven't tried wearing jumpsuits yet because I know it's hard to remove when you want to pee. But they look nice and sophisticated.


  8. Same sentiments here. I miss wearing corporate attire but where am I going to wear it? Haha or short dresses, but it is difficult to breastfeed with a dress on. Haha


  9. I regularly shop online too but never for clothes- I am afraid that the size would not fit me. Good thing that \”StyleWe\” as you said offers accurate measurements. I wonder if they carry clothes for big women too like me.


  10. I'm a bit wary of shopping clothes online because of the sizes. Oddly enough, I fall into the in-between sizes more often than not which makes it harder to shop for clothes.


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