Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere with iVideo Pocket Wifi

Admit it!
Wifi access undoubtedly considered  a necessity. It provides access to information, education, business, communication, entertainment and a lot more.
I remember my eldest saying he is totally bored and asked me what else to do now that he\’s offline because the tab runs out of battery.
My toddler complaining that the video on youtube doesn\’t load right away.
The husband asking if I have watched the latest viral video.
And, imagine a family vacation without an internet access? Oh, surely I wouldn\’t have a peace of mind and wouldn\’t dare to unleashed the kids\’ \”fury\”  over an internet access. Like many of us, they also have their thing online, (Yep, Welcome to internet generation!).

The need to go online for information and entertainment arises, even for kids! All I can do was  to moderate screen time and make sure they also have enough physical activities.

When we traveled to HK, luckily we have a Free reliable internet access from the hotel. And they have free hotspots on many locations, especially on tourist spots.
But, what if you travel abroad and wanted to make sure you have internet connection all through out? That\’s where Wifi rental comes in to the rescue.


Rent the iVideo Wifi for unlimited internet access on the Go!
Register on  this link to fill out the form indicating the address where you want it delivered and pay online. You will receive an email confirmation of successful registration.
Rent now for as low as $0.99 / day. Covered countries includes : UK, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Spain, Poland, Norway, France, Monaco & more! It also comes with convenient Free return shipping.
We have tried the service and experience the reliable connection speed and the device can last up to 15 hours of use (at least the longest we stayed up for a day).

 A good internet speed makes room for a \”quiet\” time that  provide hours of uninterrupted me-time. 😆

iVideo is committed to provide Internet access anytime and anywhere in the world with affordable mobile wireless Internet while abroad. Driving convenience and high quality communication services for its customers.

This is recommended for travelers, wanting to carry their own internet hotspot and stay connected anytime anywhere! 

They also offer discounts promo and coupon code. Enter the code AKAZZZYJGBQUVUWP to avail. I am most likely to recommend this to travelers for its reliable service to make most of their travel experience as they share the joy and excitement to the world.

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