Put on that Swimsuit, Mommies!

I recently shopped online for swimwear/ summer collection and was very satisfied for its quality and exact fitting. I\’m finally convinced that US \’small\’ size fits me well.
I find it hard to shop at the stores with my (impatient!) kids, so online shopping is a real life saver! I can browse wide range of clothes collection right at my fingertips and have it conveniently delivered at home. It actually saves time and energy choosing what to add on my cart while taking care of the kids.

My ordered items has arrived and  waited for the perfect time to wear it.

I confidently shop online by using these size and fit guides and  carefully learn how to take body measurement.

It also comes with a Guaranteed  Buyer Protection in case you have issues with the item. 

30 Day Returns Guarantee
Full or partial refund if the item is not as described
Full refund for damaged items

I donned my  \’Donya-Look\’ wearing this Bohemian Maxi Dress!

I\’m loving this one size cover up, that my sister wanted to borrow. 😅

Parenting changes things, years ago I bid goodbye to fashionable and high-heeled shoes thinking I should stop being my old self and completely embrace motherhood with these \’necessary\’ changes.
Years ago, I decided to left my corporate job and fully discover the advantages of  Working from  Home and instead  have a full packed schedule of managing children, chores and work.
Its been years, and now I am Up to beat this \”Stay at Home Blues\” by feeling good about myself, and taking an act of bravery of wearing what I want!
Since I have bulges and marks to take care of, settling for a backless one piece swimsuit is a good choice. The sexy open back works very well.

This strappy Monokini Cut-Out Swimwear also works to give a flattering shape!

I would highly recommend Rosegal.com for its stylish and wide selection of outfits! I actually have more items sitting on my wish list, waiting to be bought.
Taking time to relax and feel good about myself does wonders for my \”Mommy Soul\”… People may think that I desperately hanging on to my youth, but I came to this age when I don\’t give a damn. Hahaha

How about you, what\’s your way to feel good and re-energized?


10 responses to “Put on that Swimsuit, Mommies!”

  1. Wow, the items really fit you well considering you bought them all online. I've never tried purchasing swimwear online because I'm always worried about it fitting properly. But good to know the sizing guides from this site is really helpful.


  2. I'm not fond of shopping online because I'm scared that it won't fit. Good thing that all items that you bought fit you. If you have the body, flaunt it. My mom still wears swimsuit at the age of 55. 🙂


  3. Shopping online for clothes is not really my thing. But I do love shopping online for other items. PS: that blue swimsuit looks really really nice! 🙂


  4. Witwew! Wow, love how fit you are. I wouldn't have the guts to use the uni halter one in the end but hey, if I have that bod, I'd be confident to wear a swimsuit too. I'm currently on surfer shorts and shirt when I go to the beach haha. Thanks for the tip on the swim wear. I'll take note of this.


  5. Wow. I like your bohemian maxi dress. You looks so donya. And the style.of your swim suit is something not very common, which I also like. Would wany to check on the online shop…really want that bohemian maxi dress talaga. Bagay sa yo.


  6. Oh well, not all of us can have the confident to shop online especially for clothes. But since I can easily find stylish design online, I eventually get the hang of it.


  7. Thanks! Actually I'm a bit doubtful on that bohemian dress because its \”one size fits all\” I just thought I can gave it to my sister who's one size bigger than me just in case. But surprisingly, the cloth flatters any body type, maganda ang bagsak.


  8. Hehe. Thanks! But I wouldn't dare to wear those on crowded pool/ beach. I would still be on my rash guard if we spend longer swimming hours for sun protection.


  9. Shopping for swimmies online can be quite tricky but those fit well. And they are priced reasonably, too! Am not sure when I'd have the guts to wear swimsuits again but I'd definitely keep this site in mind. Love the maxidress and cover-up, too!


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