Shopping at YOINS. Yours Inspiration.

While I\’m getting the hang of shopping clothes online, I am being introduced to different stores worldwide for style inspiration and ideas.
Trying out new online stores also means taking advantage of discount offer for New Customers on First Order.
This time, I tried out Yoins, it stands for Yours Inspiration that truly gives fresh fashion ideas inspired by the latest fashion trends.
Yoins offers 10% OFF or 15% OFF if you install and use the APP for the first order and FREE shipping over $50. I usually start off by adding items to my wishlist when browsing, then narrow down my choices when I fully reviewed all the details of each item.

I actually have 33 items on  my wishlist  before my final order of 3 to 4 items reaching the over $50 amount for Free shipping. Well I guess that\’s pretty normal, huh?!
Maxi dresses and summer collection was my favorite for its playful and unique designs. I am in look for  casual dresses or day dresses with  flirty floral and stylish design that promised comfort and offers casual-chic look.
Here goes some of the items on my list:

Wrap Front Floral Print Maxi Dress with Lace Details
Contrast Wave Pattern Backless Cami Strap Mini Dress with Tassel Hem
I am also loving this Random Floral Print Bodycon Dress adorned with floral print and backless design, to be paired with high heels.
And here\’s my first choice when it comes to womens tops:

Again, I am shopping  with complete confidence with this one, after getting my  right body measurement and hopefully soon can join their \”Buyer Show\” where customers share their outfit photos showcasing expressive and inspirational personalities! Care to join me?

19 responses to “Shopping at YOINS. Yours Inspiration.”

  1. The first dress looks so nice! I'll check that out. My take on online shopping: buy one item on sale first to check the materials and sizing. If it's at par to what is posted, then the shopping button is on!


  2. The first one's my fave too! Luckily, I never encountered any item \”not as advertised\” all the items I got from online shop was exactly as shown on its website. You can post a question on their site if you have any concern before checkout.


  3. First dress and the maxi dresses for me! Ahhh, these clothes are really nice! ♥ I haven't heard of Yoins before this post but based on your comment, it looks like a good place to shop.


  4. I love those outfits you picked. I love the booties in the first and the mini dress in the second photo. thanks for sharing about the site. I'll see if there's anything for my size as well.


  5. Since I'm not fond of online shopping, this is the first time I've heard about Yoins. You have a nice choice of dresses. Bet ko yung second photo even though I know hindi siya bagay sa kin. hehehe!


  6. I love the Wrap Front Floral Print Maxi Dress with Lace although I feel like this wouldn't look good on me since I'm fat and short haha. But it looks really nice especially when your strolling along the seashore ����


  7. Oooh this is the first time I've heard about this shop, and I admit the clothes do look nice! How I wish I'm back to my old figure so I can shop for pretty clothes again 😛


  8. First time I heard about YOINS. I like the styles you have posted. I haven't tried shopping for clothes in a non-local store but I may try it one of these days. Thanks for the tip.


  9. Love that backless cami dress the most. Looks so casual yet sexy. Love the color too. Most of what youve presented are real nice picks. Haven't tried online shopping for clothes but would love to try them.


  10. I try to shy away from online shopping… nakakaaddict kasi hahaha 😀 but I like the maxi dress (your first choice). Lakas makasexy ng figure.


  11. I love the clothes! Will check this out and use it as a motivation to lose weight first and get back to my pre-pregnancy body. Haha! Soo hard to shop online if you are on the \”bigger side.\”


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