My Fitness Inspiration from Color Block Bikinis

After receiving my cute watermelon bikini from my recent online bought from Zaful, I was inspired to try out a style statement of  color block bikini this time from Rosegal.
I was supposed to order the Watermelon inspired handmade stitch crochet bikini, but ended up adding this Nylon material padded Watermelon bikini set  on my shopping cart instead.

It was a last minute decision, because I took a serious consideration with my much needed padded bra! haha (pls understand?!). As much as I wanted to wear this one, I just add it up on my closet for my fitness inspiration and started dreaming of  future beach trip to Maldives when my beach bod is ready. 😉

Color block outfits creates a special and unique look for women. It is catchy and mostly provide a sharp look due to combination of saturated hues. The key to owning this color blocking trend is to know exactly how to mix up to create striking combinations.

I find it easier  to choose colors and styles on bikinis or swimwear,  since it only consist of putting together two small pieces or even a single  piece that can stand out from the crowd!

Color blocking was very helpful too, when it comes to kids\’ safety. Choosing bright color for my son\’s one piece rash guard was my way of easily recognizing him from the crowd. I can easily find and  guard my son when swimming with the help of the striking color that he\’s wearing.

This one piece rash guard not only protects him from harsh sun rays, but also helps me not to easily lose sight of him. 

Anyway, here\’s goes my Top three picks when it comes to Color Block Bikinis:

Cami Bowknot Color Block Bikini Set

Spaghetti Strap Push-Up Striped Bikini Swimwear

Strapless Ruched High Waist Two Piece Swimsuit

Summer is over, but it\’s always my  mesmerizing way of relaxation whenever we go to beaches and pools. Its always an endless summer for me as I always choose a relaxing family vacation at the beach whenever we had a chance.

And it pays to be always positive. I\’m positive that I can rock that swimsuits in the near future!

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Always, Believe!!! 😄

So, Come join me in my fitness inspiration and start finding that perfect bikinis for you to wear on that next beach trip. 💕 Yes?


3 responses to “My Fitness Inspiration from Color Block Bikinis”

  1. I cannot anymore remember when was the last time I wore my bikini. I only have a piece and I seldom wore it. I do not have the body to flaunt or I am not just too confident. Giving birth again makes me hopeless to do some work outs. Nway, love that watermelon bikini.. so cute!!!


  2. I felt exactly the same way back then! But now I felt so inspired with those stylish and cute bikinis that I hanged up in my closet. I know I can never have the guts to wear them on a crowd, maybe just for private pool gathering with my family who can embrace my flaws. 😄


  3. I love the watermelon bikinis, I can't find one onlines. Now that I a mom, I really preferred high waist bikinis and one piece bikinis to hide my belly fats! Nyahaha…P.S. love your mom body, showing all the lines that every moms must be proud of.


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