My Top Three Choices from Zanstyle at Stylebest

Since I\’m a huge fan of shopping clothes online, I always came up with my wishlist first before deciding to buy from the site. Following the tag #ootd gives me more outfit inspiration and keeps me updated to new fashion trends.
Although I admit I am hardly  keeping up to most of those inspiring styles, partnered with pumps and stilettos and the like, or cropped and sexy top… Most of the time, I just followed my own fashion statement adding a twist on new trend, as guide to updating my closet.
Embroidered outfits are fresh and trendy this season!  Embroidered designs truly make the piece comes to life enhancing the look making it more fun and feminine.
The following are my top three choices with my newly found shopping site, Zanstyle at Stylebest:
Strappy Embroidered Chiffon Top
Style Notes: Above-the-hip length top with straight neckline and thin straps. Features elastic detail along the neckline, flared silhouette, and delicate embroidery. Wears nicely with a pair of denim shorts.

It\’s good that Zanstyle at Stylebest have \’Style Notes\’ in some of  the items, highlighting the design details  and suggesting what to pair and what look to inspire.
Now, I\’m giving in to this embroidery, stripes, and off-shoulder trend in one pretty top?! Wow!
Embroidery Striped Off The Shoulder Blouse

Style Notes: Off the shoulder blouse in breathable pure cotton fabric with striped pattern, floral embroidery at the front and smocking at the back, lace-up sleeves and pleated details. Add a choker necklace for effect.

Lastly, it\’s only in my mind to getting back wearing this kind of Chic stilettos. Zanstyle at Stylebest also offer shoes (and bags!) that I know I can only wear at an event minus the kids. When? Oh, I don\’t know! 😆
Sexy Crossed Straps High Heel Stilettos
What\’s good about trying out new online stores is that it usually comes with a Special Welcome Gift of up to 15% OFF your first order. So taking advantage of this offer is recommended if you prefer to shop online.
This is another good way of taking care of myself and NOT forgetting that I am a woman first before I become a wife and a mother. An important reminder that I\’ve got from Sunlife\’s Moms Day out event: Self-care, a good way of rebalancing, refreshing & recharging myself.  Do I deserve this? a BIG Yes! 

5 responses to “My Top Three Choices from Zanstyle at Stylebest”

  1. Awww sassy! I love the black spaghetti strap blouse. Off-shoulders don't look good on me because I have wide shoulders. I look really wide with them haha and the heels…ohhh so sexy!


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