Fashion Inspiration from Yoins

Oh, I almost forgot I still have items sitting on my cart at  Yoins mobile app that offers 15% discount for my first order. Finally, today I made up my mind on what to checkout.

I have 4 items on my wishlist, but only 1 item make it to my final order. Why? Browsing thru trendy sexy dresses for women, I fell in love with this cami dress and found the color combination strikingly sexy and fab. 

So, I have to moved an item to \’saved for later\’ to give way for this gorgeous piece and had a change of heart for the other items (sorry…). Well, what do you think? This is actually my first time to courageously opted for a bodycon fit style and was very excited on how this gonna end up (hahaha). This is an obvious call for my girdle and body shaper to the rescue. 😉

Putting on a denim jacket over this bodycon dress would definitely gives out a casual touch for this feminine look. My  timeless light washed denim jacket is ready to pair up with this one, to keep me warm but not fully covering up a cute outfit.

And, because it\’s the time of the year for #sweaterweather, all those fashion inspiration to go beyond denims kept flashing on my screen. Among those fashion ladies sweaters online, I found this Round Neck Long Sleeves Jumper. I learned that the word \’jumper\’ was used more commonly in Britain and \’sweater\’ in US. I actually have in mind the jumper for little girls worn over a shirt 😅.

Round Neck Long Sleeves Jumper

Anyway, this one\’s definitely do its job to keep it warm and add a timeless knit on collection of wardrobe basic that can last season after season. It\’s on Sale for 41% OFF the original price, but have to remain on my wishlist at this time because my selection of  items has reached its limit already.
Here\’s my order summary, no tassel trend or anything. Sensible choice on basics and timeless pieces that can be styled no matter what season or occasion.


That\’s it! I will be sharing my review once my items arrived to give feedback on quality and shipping time. Stay tuned 😀


6 responses to “Fashion Inspiration from Yoins”

  1. Shopping online is the way to go for us moms. I don't know about you, but I find it pretty difficult to make time to get away to the mall by myself. It looks like you found some great deals! Great job!


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