Finding the Perfect Family Car

This sponsored post is right on time because I was just thinking about how I could share some points on choosing the right Family Car that suits your needs.
Picking the right family car has been a major family affair. With so many things (and people) to consider, it can suddenly turn from a fun to a stressful activity real quick. However, one must not be deterred from taking their time and thinking this thoroughly due to the fact that a vehicle has slowly become essential. Especially for moms with growing families.

When picking the right family car, a lot of questions would have to be addressed first. This makes people’s opinion really diverse on what to get. Some families can get away with a fuel-efficient compact sedan but once the passengers increase, it can get really cramped without mentioning the baggage yet.

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Also, here are some major factors to consider on this decision.
Size Matters

On top of the list is definitely the vehicle size. The aforementioned compact sedan can comfortably seat mom and dad plus a child. However, add another family member and the clutter of things including the overdue family grocery and other shopping items initiates the “how to fit them in” game.
Additionally, stepping up from a sedan to something bigger nets you more than added trunk space. Leg room, ride feel, and other comforts definitely goes a long way on those long road trips. It’s not always “bigger is better” but in terms of picking the right family car, it is important to give those SUVs a long, hard look.
As a bonus, there is still a big difference between a Crossover (which is essentially a sedan that has more ground clearance and is bigger) than a Sports Utility Vehicle. The later legitimately seats up to seven people and has more than ample cargo space. The former comfortably seats five with a marginally-upgraded trunk. Another thing to ponder, given that the price difference is not that far off.

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This was posted 2 years ago when we purchased our  Nissan Navara. 

‘Drivability’ and Performance
The younger members of the family will get excited over fast, sporty-looking sedans. The senior ones with vast experience in cars would tell you that drivability is king. Picking the right family car is all about longevity and family-oriented vehicle characteristics.
Larger cars with Diesel engines typically fits the bill over the Gas variants, more so than the considered luxury V6 or higher choices. Not only will it cost less when gassing up, the torque advantage is more than enough for those quick trips to the market.
As also mentioned, you will be thanked for the ride comfort of Crossovers and SUVs which maintains its advantage in the long run. Ground clearance is also heavily considered on different parts of the world and it doesn’t mean you have to shell out more for a 4X4 or an All-Wheel Drive System. Unless the weather demands it in your area, you are safe with getting the base variants.
Family Matters
There are still more items to consider, such as in-car entertainment systems, seat-adjustment options (think Captain’s Seats), cup-holders/storages, device charger outlets, and many more. It all can be easily answered by the budget and family size. Picking the right family car is still exciting for the sole fact that it not only hauls everyone but it creates memories. 

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