Hot Winter Vacations: Where to Go Together

Fortunately, nowadays, we can swim in the sea and sunbathe not only in summer. You can fly to some warm countries in winter. Let’s consider the main hot winter sun destinations. These are tips that you can use when choosing the next winter trip.

1.      Egypt
This country deserved the love of millions of tourists for its cheapness (in comparison with other exotic countries), a short flight distance for inhabitants of Europe, a fabulously beautiful Red Sea and a unique climate that allows you to luxuriate under the warm rays of the African sun all year round. The most popular vacation spots are Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. Sharm el Sheikh is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. Hurghada is located on the western shore of the Red Sea. Both of these resorts are great hot winter destinations, so it is up to you which one to choose.

2.      Thailand
Another winter and very exotic direction is Thailand. Rest in this corner of Asia is becoming more popular. In Thailand, you can lie on the beach, dive with scuba diving, go on excursions, and take a break in Bangkok and other party areas. The most popular resorts in Thailand are Phuket and Pattaya. Many remember the film “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. This film was shot on the islands of Phi Phi in Thailand. In addition, these islands are really cheap hot winter destinations.

3.      Maldives
There are small islets in the Indian Ocean – the Maldives. This is a perfect place for lovers of a quiet and peaceful holiday. The local nature with its rich colors is just amazing. Diving in the Maldives significantly loses to Egypt but there is also something to see. Also, you can go fishing in the ocean, catch and eat a huge fish then!

4.      Canaries
The Canary Islands are situated in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are excellent hot winter holiday destinations. The Canary Islands give a lot of impressions – fabulously beautiful nature, the ocean, volcanoes, excursion program, and fun nightlife. At the end of February and until the middle of March, a lot of people come to the islands to visit the Carnival de Tenerife, which is held annually during this period.

5.      The United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates is another Arabian pearl of winter recreation. It is Arab architecture, exotic plants, desert, huge shopping centers and modern skyscrapers, warm sea, eastern luxury, and shopping. During a holiday in the UAE, it is desirable to adhere to certain rules that are established in the Muslim society. Some residents observe them especially strictly. For example, you need to know that smoking in public places is prohibited and there are restrictions on alcoholic beverages. The same applies to the hot demonstration of love feelings on the streets of the city – it is better to show your tenderness in a secluded place. Don’t forget that you came to the Muslim country.

6.      Cuba
Tourists call Cuba the paradise on earth, the island of freedom. Here you can completely relax, forgetting about everything. A bottle of ten-year rum costs 8-10 dollars here, as well as Havana cigars. In Cuba, you can find beautiful beaches, pristine rainforests, and the incendiary life of the Cuban streets. If you are a fan of Latin American culture and dance – this is the place for you.

7.      GOA
Goa is called one of the Indian states, which has long been one of favorite warm winter destinations for many people. The Northern GOA is a place for youth hangouts and free living. There can be found low-cost hotels and public beaches. In the eighties, the Northern GOA was grounded by the freedom-loving hippies. Now this resort has preserved in itself that spirit of freedom and unrestrained fun.  

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