Embedding the Right Analytics using Izenda

Let us identify first what is meant by Business Intelligence or BI

  • Business Intelligence is the process of collecting internal and external data for end users to easily analyzed  information for a well-informed business decision.
      This is where ad-hoc reporting functions as a major factor in delivering custom report request in an instant. It includes fast, easy and real-time data analytics to support every business decision or track the business flow.

I remember having similar application from my previous job, wherein we just need to run some query to instantly provide relative information to higher office for their marketing analysis. In that case,  they can easily identify areas of improvement or spot right away where the market trend is.

Overall, this data-driven insights drastically improve business performance and can optimize business process. That is how I see Izenda\’s Business Intelligence Solution works. I have been in IT industry before, and had a full grasp on how modern solution service was carefully integrated for the whole organization to function and perform at its best.

Thankfully, there were self-service reporting available as simplified process making it sure that it is user-friendly so the whole organization can embed it with their respective work process. Embedding the right analytics on the Company\’s existing application guarantees less time in delivering useful information and insights for analysis.
Izenda offers a FREE Trial or you can request for a live demo to fully understand its offer of modern self-service business intelligence and analytics to your end users.

The following is what Izenda offers for your business convenience:

Modern, Self-Service Reports, Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Intuitive interface lets business users perform analysis using real-time data
  • Easily configured roles give each user the right amount of functionality
  • Fully responsive design
  • Semantic layer lets users create reports without SQL or IT support
Rapid, Seamless Deployment in as Little as 30 Days
  • No additional hardware or software needed
  • Reports against multiple data sources
  • 100% white-labeled, adopts your application’s branding, look and feel
  • Inherits your existing security model
OEM Friendly Licensing for Superior ROI
  • All platform modules
  • Unlimited users, cores and servers
  • Production and development instances at no charge
  • Transparent, predictable pricing that aligns with your future growth
They provide support services all through out implementation process, so there\’s nothing to worry on compatibility and  license issues. Also, they can identify and support the different source systems that needs to be integrated to make sure that end-users can have accurate and consistent information on-hand.

I love how this modern technology makes most of us work smart as it provides such analytic tool for enhanced strategies and information.

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