The Struggle on How to teach and How to learn

With today\’s modern technology as a major tool for learning, I can say that it does makes teaching easier, more fun and provides more reference for educators. On the other hand, with today\’s modern technology of entertainment, kids can also be easily distracted and addicted to gadgets or video games that results to having short attention span and lack of focus.
Some kids tend to be more interested on doing other physical activities rather than school or homework (this is relateable!). Well, I do accept the fact that there are kids who simply born with \”ants on their pants\”, or atleast on a certain stage. Hah! Can you agree? Oh, I feel you.

At some point I was bothered and even asked for  help to answer this question: \”Does my Kid have ADHD?\” The resounding answer is none! After assessment with two different Behavioral clinics, the reports clearly stated that this wasn\’t the issue.

I now understand that what my child need was a different learning style that suits his energetic behavior. This is where progressive teaching method comes in. All I have in mind is to be more resourceful as we have to differ from the traditional one.

Similar to Groza Learning Center\’s advocate, I also believe that we can make students\’ learning an enjoyable experience. As advised, we have to start off with identifying the help needed to have the power to support the child\’s educational needs.

While having a full tank of energy can be an incredible asset, we have to make sure that the child can be fearless in learning as fearless as he is in moving! 😉

Well, who says Math can\’t be fun? The Math Hopscotch was a good way to move and learn at the same time.

Adding educational twist or learning thru play help the child to be engaged and interested. Also, positive reinforcement was tested to do wonders. By paying more attention on child\’s positive behavior, it helps him make a good behavior choices.
Just like what we did, don\’t be intimidated to ask for any help you can get. Such help available are intervention learning centers, tutoring services like Groza Learning Center, or choose progressive type of school.

It wasn\’t easy… Frustration, anger and disappointments sometimes all comes in an instant and keeping calm was an everyday struggle. So as to ensure we can sanely stay on track, we decided to enroll with intervention program that can be our partner in providing thoughtful planning, meticulous instruction and careful interaction.
It does takes a lot of time, energy and money but all we have in mind is to provide the help for self- improvement and education, and to finish it ~ S-T-R-O-N-G! 

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