Get that Salon Gorgeous effect with Symply G!

The hair is a person\’s crowning glory… unfortunately, I am not blessed with straight and silky hair. I needed to go to salon to get my hair rebonded to make it  smooth and manageable. Having my hair rebonded actually saves me time for my daily hair struggles.
I\’ve got dry, frizzy hair or the exact definition of \’buhaghag\’, so imagine my effort to keep it tame if not rebonded. I have to use flat iron, blower, serums, leave on conditioner… name it! It\’s time consuming and really frustrating! That is why I opted for a hair rebond every six months to have it easily maintained.

After weeks of hair rebond, the too flat and too straight hair becomes frizzy and needs intensive care as it becomes extremely vulnerable to damage. Every salon recommends giving hair a  Keratin Treatment regularly to reduce frizz.

Keratin is known to aid dull and frizzy hair. I tried before the \’T brand\’ of Keratin shampoo with a promise of less frizzy hair, but I don\’t notice any effect at all. So when Symply G shampoo and deep conditioning treatment was introduced to me, I wasn\’t really expecting that much.

Surprisingly, this one\’s actually works! When I used this Symply G shampoo, my hair felt smooth already while lathering up and  can easily run my fingers through my hair while in the shower, plus I love how fragrant this product is!

The 22ml. sachet pack is good up to 2-3 uses depending on hair length. I used my first pack for 2 uses and decided to use other packs for 3 uses as it is too fragrant already and to get just the right amount for my hair. I actually can\’t help running my fingers through my hair and smelling it often. Hahaha, just because it\’s not everyday that my hair has this irresistibly sweet smell and feeling soft. I think that \’argan oil\’ plus keratin was a great combo!

Oh well, I am honestly satisfied with the shampoo, and more so after using the 1-minute treatment deep conditioning therapy. 
Symply G Keratin shampoo with Argan Oil is designed for cleaning rebonded and colored hair, it gives maximum moisture that makes your hair straight, soft and shiny.
Symply G deep conditioning therapy is enriched with Argan Oil that works to re-hydrate dry and damaged hair. It is especially formulated for damaged hair and sensitive scalp. The unique formula is competent to penetrate deeply while protecting the cuticular layer on hair. It gives you exceptionally soft and shiny hair.
My \’required\’  Hair Rebonding Treatment.
See that box of Kera Protein Treatment?! I bought that for 1,200 pesos at the salon. I\’m actually not that happy with that purchased… it\’s a bit expensive, right?! I used it once at home and saving it to use next time for special occasion only, but having tried Symply G, I can now have Keratin treatment everyday as I wished. Finding the right shampoo is tough, I am hyped with finding this one that suits my hair needs for a very affordable price.
Symply G products are sold at 6 pesos per 22 ml sachet and 83 pesos per 200 ml bottle; available in Puregold branches and other leading supermarkets nationwide.
We all have different hair types and needs, but who knows this product might be the answer in reducing frizz on your hair? This a must try  to see for yourself if you can achieve salon Gorgeous effect with this one! 💕

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