Intentional 2018: Achieving the Health You Desire

It\’s 2 days left before Christmas! How are you holding up mommies? Ready for the holiday season or still in rush for grocery or gift shopping? As for me, I am quite ready and even more excited in welcoming the new year! This time, my goal is to be more focus on living a healthier lifestyle. 
I just redeemed my Starbucks planner and ready to start the year with a healthy intentional living goals. Starting off with  adding this one to my planner for a daily reminder that belongs exclusively on the \’health page\’.

          • Get up 15 minutes earlier
          • 10 minutes of Personal Development
          • 30 minute workout
          • 3 servings veggies
          • 4 servings protein
          • Drink 8 glasses of water
          • No eating after 8pm
          • No screens 30 minutes pre bed
          • 7 hours of sleep
Plus, I am now more inclined in learning topics on fitness, understanding the body, and healthy living in relation to my goals this coming year. One of them is the importance or the prerequisite of early detection of any health issues that might lead to serious concern. Well, early detection is the best protection, afterall.
Early detection is truly a key to the cure! A good practice of not ignoring any possible signs is a must. That is why a personalized approach on  functional medicine is a good recommendation to identifying and addressing the underlying cause of complaints in what\’s happening to your body.

It helps figure out what seems to be  the cause of whether chronic pain, indigestion, consitipation/diarehea, blood pressure, or something else. It is an individualized treatment to whole body approach to optimal health.

Combined education with results-based treatment to help you get better and stay better is the best way to stay on track. Oh, this actually reminds me to faithfully follow my yearly schedule for a pap smear to screen any viral infection. I am guilty for skipping this one thinking there is nothing to worry for I don\’t notice any discomfort or issue. Then again, I need to remind myself for early detection health goals so I should take a visit to the doctor.

Let us all be spectator to our own health but with the help of doctors to help us identify what our body needs. Doctor was still the one who will take time to get to know what\’s going on through a complete history, considering different factors such as genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices that impact health and contribute to chronic diseases.

By taking this personalized approach, we are able to create individualized treatments catered to each of our needs. But for now, let us all kickoff to ways on keeping healthy, staying healthy and correcting bad habits.


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