Small Home Improvement Project for the New Year

I am actually slow in adapting to change, maybe I  put on too much weight on sentimental value being an old soul once again or too overwhelmed for something new. But having a new abode or a home improvement was totally a different thing.

This kind of change always excites me as it adds up value to our home and creates an even more homey feel. We moved in to our very own place 4 years ago. Everything is new then, and everything depends on our own discretion of materials and design that the builders used and follow.

Though it came out nice and exactly what we had plan for, there are some choices that we later regret having. Like the choice of  tiles on the first floor and the position of the master\’s bedroom for a more ventilated space. The latter might have provided less energy consumption if we came to realized earlier that we have a better option for the room plan. At present, we cannot do something about it considering the cost and budget so we are left with aiming to love everything in the house and opted for small home upgrades instead.

Here\’s the Top 5 on our list:

1. Converting to 100% LED lighting.

We are now on 80% so the rest of the bulbs should be replaced sooner! I always go bright for most areas and choose warm color temperature for the TV room or cozy area that doesn\’t require much of a white light. Recently, I discovered the SceneSwitch LED bulb where you can change the setting from a bright light, to a natural light, to a cozy warm glow by just a flick of the switch. This is smart choice, agree?  Afterall, good lighting does  changes everything.

2. Install a 2nd A/C unit

This is almost a good idea if we think of comfort rather than its cost. We only had 1 A/C unit installed at the master\’s bedroom and the kids were still co-sleeping with us. All  those lazy afternoon when I choose to take a nap but  the kids wanted to watch TV always makes me consider of getting another unit to be installed in our entertainment area. 

Since energy saving still needs to be  prioritized, I guess I will let them use the newly installed A/C as I lay comfortably in bed using a fan… hah! same consumption, less the kids\’ noise. Win-win!

3. Add a little Bling!

Okay, I am purely on my own for this one (hahaha), husband cannot think of something that I have in mind. I am thinking of having something glittery and shimmery that catches the eye, maybe a gold chair or a center display?! but I\’m pretty sure I know exactly what to get if I saw one that matches my taste.

4. Grow a houseplant.

Undeniably, a plant gives life and color to home. We recently tried succulents~ Echeveria avalone, Gonialoe variegata, and other similar kind. Unfortunately, this is the only one that survives. So I\’m still open to trying out growing houseplants but only the type that requires minimal care. 

5. Start fresh with New Pillows and Beddings

This one\’s the most neglected task, though we find ours still usable we should know what are the signs of a bad pillow to help us decide when to throw it away. Same goes with beddings and even bath linens!

That\’s it! how about you? What\’s your top list of home upgrades this New Year? If you haven\’t decided yet, you can find ideas or suggestions here. Also, it is recommended to  de-clutter first to know where to begin and not missed what needs to be taken care of.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

7 responses to “Small Home Improvement Project for the New Year”

  1. Inverter appliances is a good investment. I am also thinking of getting a refrigerator that is energy efficient. That is, when I get to crossed out these top 5 on our list.


  2. I love your list of home improvements! We're already on LED lighting BUT we're currently on tiny living right now, so it's really not much of a big deal since we only have very few lighting fixtures and all bulbs, haha!natawa naman ako sa electric fan sa BR, haha! but yeah, anything for a bit of peace and quiet. 🙂


  3. I agree on the converting LED lighting, last year we have started changing our light bulb into LED. My husband also bought a automatic night light used on our outdoor light bulbs.


  4. I also thought of improving our living space. Every mom i know would agree coming home to a nice looking abode is refreshing and inspiring. Good luck in your plan and I hope to see more glittery things from you.


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