Cheers to Self-Care and Enhancing Physical Feature!

Hello 2018! ♢♢♢

In my previous post I shared the \”9 basic healthy living principle\” which I got from my Intentional 2018 support group. Every beginning of the year, most of us are very much excited in setting our resolutions to have something to look forward to and have that self-improvement, business or money goals at least carefully planned.
But, how many of us actually achieved our New Year\’s goals?

Last year I vowed to be a \’frugal mom\’ and to carefully monitor our expenses as to put aside more savings and fund our investment. Now, how was it? I scored 11/20! I barely passed, right? I struggled not to buy anything nice for myself. I struggled to look away from the brands that offers high quality material and even a comfortable lifestyle.

The reason? I choose high quality items over the cheap one wherein I believed cheap items becomes expensive in the long run so I prefer to buy quality instead. After all, low price doesn\’t always means good value, right? So there, I\’m excuse!

Next, I vowed to \’Self-care\’ which includes going an extra mile for skin care routine that means extra cost. I even tagged my husband for a new level of skin care program and we are sharing collagen night creams and sunscreens.

Well, who knows? I might even go for a Bellesoma Method for a breakthrough in enhancing the natural beauty. It\’s true that we can\’t please everyone, but we have the power to please ourselves as we like. Feeling and looking good can do wonders and can lift our moods! No one else\’s opinion matters but our own, remember that.

The Bellesoma Method™ is a breakthrough in Breast Lift and Breast Reduction surgery. Combining the Bellesoma pre-operative scanning software. It is a revolutionary surgical technique where you can achieve amazing results with no vertical scars, upper fullness without breast implants and relief of back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Oh, I think I needed this method!

Anyway, looking back from my last year\’s goals and how I partly achieved it clearly makes a satisfactory rating. What matters is that I took a step in making it possible. And with this year\’s Intentional 2018, I vowed to increase the monthly savings that we are putting aside and find ways to generate more income.
The Top Intentional 2018 includes: continuing the goal to more Savings, Self-Care and Family Travel. My fave quote for this year was:

\”If given the choice of where to spend any extra money, it\’s to take my family for a special experience.\”

And for me, having another extra also means having the chance to experience a different level of enhancing beauty that fosters confidence and emphasize physical features. Oh sure, I am shelling out cash for Health and Beauty and actually cannot get away without spending for products and treatments.

This is considered another justifiable expense especially on physical health and wellness. Someone said that you cannot put a price on health or beauty, True! It is a bit expensive but the amount spent was definitely worth it. 💕


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