Thoughts on: Carelessness and Willful Negligence of others

Sure, the unexpected always happens. Learning how to deal with these moments was hard and turning on the bright side was even harder.

Two months ago, I was bothered by the news that my daughter\’s assistant teacher in preschool had a motorcycle accident. They crash into a bus. It was awful… her right arm and leg has to be amputated following the accident and she\’s only 23 years old and her career has just started!
My heart bleeds every time it crosses my mind. I emphatized whole heartedly, it was hard to accept that someone you knew, the one that you exchange smiles everyday was in so much pain. I can never imagine the agony that she is having; the traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety I know was too much to handle.
All we can extend at that time was the monetary help to at least lessen the multitude of expenses that piled up from medical bills to lost income from losing her job. Sadly yes, she never returned to work after the accident, I can never knew her plans but I somehow wish that she can still find way to get back on track… in time.
Processing  Personal claims for accident and health cases is what I do before I landed a job in IT, I worked as a Claim Analyst and was trained to assessed benefits and tasked to speed up claim forms. Making me aware of the importance of having this kind of insurance policy. Good to know that clients can be compensated  from a wet floor injury or slip and fall accidents to major cases.

The assurance of support when facing a loss was a big help to somehow ease the burden. But if one doesn\’t have this kind of insurance, another way to claim a highest possible settlement was to ask for a legal help like a  personal injury attorney tampa to provide an aggressive support when needed. It is highly recommended to seek support from experienced Personal Injury Attorneys, knowledgeable to take the fight for you.

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The number of  traffic accidents has been increasing dramatically worldwide. Here in PH, most cases reported involves a  motorcycle accidents. Two years ago, we lost our nephew (he\’s just 28 yrs. old) in a motorcycle accident, he is with my brother who miraculously survived and had undergone surgery due to fractured bone. Both parties agreed for a settlement and my brother receive a small part for the hospital bill. The amount given wasn\’t enough to cover even 10% of  my brother\’s hospital and medication expenses, sadly that\’s how reality goes.

I am emotionally shattered by these traumatic accidents that creates a significant damages for injury or  death caused by carelessness or willful negligence of others. I think it\’s best to assume that other motorists will do something CRAZY so,  always be prepared to avoid it.

8 responses to “Thoughts on: Carelessness and Willful Negligence of others”

  1. So sad for the teacher. Nakakatakot talaga ang kalsada natin ngaun madame ang nadidisgrasya. Naalala ko yung kwento ng kaofismate ko nung nadisgrasya at nabangga ng truck. Andameng naging hussle especially na dun sa hindi sya makabalik sa work pero atleast yung work naintindihan naman at naka-LOA sya. Ang magagawa lang talaga natin ay maginh maingat lage sa daan at paghandaan natin yung nga ganitong sakuna.


  2. Oh my, she is young. How tragic. I hope she finds a way to get back up and continue on with her life and dreams. Anyway, what insurance is this on personal claims? Is that it's name? Sorry I read your paragraph twice but wasn't sure I got the data correctly.


  3. The story of your child's teacher is really sad. Although we do not wish for accidents to anyone, it is always better to have an insurance than be sorry in the end. Hopefully, we wouldn't have to use our insurance for any accidents though.


  4. Sad to hear about the teacher, arm and leg pa talaga. This reminds me yung news sa LRT pero she was lucky kasi nakabit yung arm niya. We really need insurance because we can't predict the future.


  5. 😦 the teacher is so young, hope she's recovering now. Your tip about getting an attorney & insurance tip is really helpful mommy, is it the same with \”accident insurance\”?


  6. That's one of the reasons that I am afraid to learn how to drive. I am too scared to be the cause of any harm to other motorists or pedestrians crossing. Anyway, I couldn't say much about the young teacher. I don't like news like that. Her career is just starting and all of a sudden…


  7. That is such a tragic story. We really can't ever tell what will happen to us and our family. That's why it's really best to be prepared with accident and life insurance.


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