Review: My Ordered Items from Yoins

Sorry… I got caught up again and have to prioritized other things that I wasn\’t able to share right away my online purchase from Yoins.
I placed my order last year, October 16, 2017 to be exact and was notified that my Parcel is on its way last November 6. You see, if you plan of using the item on specific date, you\’ve got to order in advance.
I received my notice of Parcel from our Post Office last November 20 and I picked it up the following day. In my experience, international orders via flat rate shipping usually takes 4-6 weeks to arrive. Here\’s what I\’ve ordered from them:
Order #1White Eyelash & Lip Printing Round Neck T-shirt

The design makes me decide to add it on my cart. I love its cute print but somehow disappointed on its quality. I wasn\’t expecting a premium quality but I found it too thin for a white tee.

Order #2High Elasticity Bodycon Hem Sleeveless Cami Midi Dress

This gorgeous piece is my top choice! It was exactly as shown on the photos, the adjustable strap works very fine on me. You see, there wasn\’t much to show compared to the model\’s sexy and deep plunging neckline, so yeah! this fits perfect on my small frame.

Trying out this \’Dolphin back\’ piece and discovering that new trend on loose and irregular tops breaks my usual and boring look!

Exude a relaxing touch with loose irregular hem top from @yoinscollection 😘 #womensfashion

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Order #4V-neck Random Stripe Print Cami Top in White

This Cami Top is too loose for me, I altered the shoulder straps to make a good fit. I ordered extra small already, but I can only wish it comes with  size \’xxs\’ for the perfect fit.

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Shopping online can sometimes be frustrating, this is my first time to shop with Yoins but I am quite satisfied with my orders. I love those trendy designs that they offer, as I don\’t have enough time to shop at the mall and look for the designs that matches my taste. Honestly, I am actually more frustrated shopping on physical store as I find it more tiring and time consuming.
This only goes with  finding the latest fashion trends, but shopping at stores on basics still works fine with me.

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