Effective Marketing Infrastrusture for Law Firms

From small to large scale businesses nowadays, having an online presence gives an edge and a straightforward concept. Maintaining relationships to existing clients as well as creating new connections to prospective clients was a very helpful marketing strategy.

Taking advantage of the wonders of SEO delivers a result-focused outcomes when the art of digital marketing strategy is applied effectively.

For Law Firms, the increased in competition is not only in Law Practiced but also to achieve the top search engine positioning because nowadays, looking for the best law firm in the city can be done within just few clicks.
Getting included in the Lawyers of Distinction is the chance to stand out and get found, entering the workforce with confidence in search marketing investment.

Majority of web traffic comes from search engines that can increase leads and organic traffic. By simply becoming a member, one can gain exposure and actively be promoted both to the legal community as well as the general public.

In simpler terms, this kind of service helps attorney market him/herself  for a very reasonable yearly subscription.

Lawyers of Distinction has implemented a new feature whereby potential clients can directly search for and retain quality representation. Currently, over 5,000 users visit the directory daily.

Below is a brief description of some of the other significant benefits included in Membership:
  • A custom genuine wood plaque and/or a translucent crystal statue.
  • Use of the Lawyers of Distinction licensed Logo and other promotional materials.
  • A customized press release for the member’s use and publication
  • Access to a private Facebook members only group for real time exchange and referrals
  • Annual member discounts of $5,000 dollars or more through their “Member Discount Program”. National vendors include Avis, Hertz, Marriott, Hilton and Southwest Airlines as well as many others.
Membership is limited to no more than 10% of attorneys from any given state.
Only attorneys who have met the standards can be accepted for membership. Members have been selected through the following selection process:
  1.  Thru Nomination
  2.  Independent Research
  3.  Ethics review and background check
  4.  Final selection
It is clearly not only be focused on delivering different service strategy but has to be built to rank well online. Choosing the right infrastructure for your online presence plays a major part to promoting and marketing for a bold and high approach to lead generation.
Overall, this marketing strategy is a good way for Lawyers to grow their practice as they catch up with the increasing power of the web. Investing in a right marketing service that can perform and persuade clients to make an informed decision is a big plus.


4 responses to “Effective Marketing Infrastrusture for Law Firms”

  1. This is a very informative post. Thanks for sharing as I did not really know about these marketing infrastructures.


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