Filipino Author Launched Another Amazon Bestseller

Bestselling author, speaker and career coach launched another bestseller on Amazon to help and inspire moms worldwide make successful career transitions.

MANILA, Philippines – April 23, 2018 – Inspirational author Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag released the Kindle version of her book, From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions which landed Top 3 on the Amazon Bestsellers list under the Women and Business Category and Top 4 under the Home-based Businesses category.

Lifestyle Content Writer Anne V of Stretch Your Peso says, ”Times have changed, you don\’t need to leave your home to start a career. And your family doesn\’t need to take the back seat in order for you to earn a living. I highly recommend this eBook to other mothers, belonging to the group of SAHM turned WAHM, like myself. This is perfect for us who want to earn at home without sacrificing time with our family. You will find a lot of insight and valuable tips on how to accomplish what the author has.\”
Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag believes that through the lessons and tips that she shared, mothers could be spared from costly mistakes, heartaches or wasted resources. This book can guide them and prevent them from going through trial and error because the lessons and tips she shared can serve as their compass.
The author writes in a language that is conversational and easy-to-understand. The result is a book that is relatable, the message being readily grasped by the reader,” said Ivan Jose, Blogger at Mr & Mrs. Jose.  \”While the book is primarily written for mothers who are planning or are currently going through a career transition but do not have the courage to leave their jobs or do not know how to make a career change successfully, it is also a great read for anyone who is planning to make a career shift.\”
According to Maricar Baylon-Cerrero, “This book is an answered prayer. I have waited for this ever since Ms. Teresa shared the cover page of the book in one of her articles. At last, the wait is over. This book is worthy of our precious time because it is a reflection of the author\’s heart and soul and a source of enlightenment and encouragement. A must read indeed.\”
From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions canbe downloaded for free by Amazon Prime members in the U.S. and can be purchased for $2.99 by regular customers.

For more information about the book, please email

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