Turn Your Receipts into Cash with SnapCart!

Getting discounts and earning points for every grocery shopping trip is a good way to help lessen the growing expenses. It may seem a tiny amount but considered an extra cash when adds up, agree?
I have been keeping my BDO rewards for a decade already and was surprised on how much points it can accumulate for less cash payment. I even got rewarded for answering surveys that pay real cash. I recently received my GCash card from Nielsen Consumer Mobile App Rewards where  they will wire my earnings (that\’s another story!).

You see?  I have been patiently participating with all these apps, surveys, and cash backs as my way of  saving. So, having been introduced to SnapCart  as my small way to earn real cash by snapping grocery receipts is another welcome opportunity! 

Turn your receipts into cash? Why not?!

Snapcart is a mobile application that gives shoppers cashback for scanning  receipts as  SnapCart can collect massive amount of purchase data, analyze and offer to brands on a real time basis with shopper rich information.
Here\’s how much you can earn:
Level Multiplier x Receipt Cashback = Cashback Total
  • More than 1,001.00 = 16.00 Php per receipt
  • More than  501.00 = 8.00 Php per receipt
  • More than 251.00 = 4.00 Php per receipt
  • More than 101.00 = 1.75 Php per receipt
  • More than 1.00 = 0.50 Php per receipt

What Type of Receipts does SnapCart accepts?

Make sure to follow these Tips and Tricks for faster receipt verification:
  • All parts of receipts are readable.
  • All parts of receipts are captured, use + button to snap long receipts.
  • Snapped receipts in a bright environment.
  • One receipt for 1 snap.
  • Snap receipt within the red box provided.
  • Receipt is in good condition, not crumpled nor torn.

You have to reached the minimum amount of 220 pesos to cash out. I had my first cash out thru my BDO account. It also have an option of using your earned cash in exchange of Load Credits or voucher but I haven\’t tried this yet.

You can also get coins that can be used to play Snaptastic. The more coins you collect, the bigger chances for you to play Snaptastic and win various prizes.

Snaptastic is all about having fun and playing games where customer engagement and loyalty is. Snaptastic is aimed as a platform for brands to further engage their customers in a unique and more rewarding way.

Hooray for my first Cash out! 😃
I am currently on  Silver Level with 1.2 points multiplier, and 15 more weeks to go for Gold  next to Platinum Level which will give me the chance to earn twice the amount of cashback.
SnapCart is legit, so you better Snap before you throw away that grocery, medicine or  cosmetic receipts. Happy Snapping!

7 responses to “Turn Your Receipts into Cash with SnapCart!”

  1. This is a great idea and a win for everyone involved. If you have the receipts, you might as well gain something from them instead of nothing. It would not be worth it if you had to fill out a bunch of forms for each receipt, but that doesn't look to be the case.


  2. Oh my goodness this is totally awesome! I never heard of this before but now I can’t wait to use it! DaisyGirl


  3. I have never heard of this app before! Definitely going to need to check this out. I do currently use Ibotta, which is ok. And you are right, using these types of apps and stuff to earn additional points and rewards that can be applied to future shopping is smart!


  4. Wow! Now this sounds awesome! Never heard of this app too before but it'd be worth giving it a try since I tend to keep all my receipts just for the sake for future references.


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