Review: Cherokee Women\’s Hi Cut Underwear

I was lucky to take part of this product review from \’Always Fashionable Review Program\’ that offers a brand name designer apparel using a coupon code to purchase the item on Amazon.
Always Fashionable, is one of the largest manufacturers for women\’s lingerie, sleepwear, men\’s, boys and girls basics apparel. Their licensed brands include BCBG,, Cherokee, Layer 8 and Much more.

This month\’s brand name product feature for checkout is the Cherokee Women\’s 6 piece Ladies Cotton Stretch Hi Cut Underwear. This item was delivered on my Shipping Cart US Address and was shipped here after a week.
Upon carefully checking the size chart, I ordered Size -S based on my 29-inch waistline, and it fits perfectly!
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex… how\’s that?!
I can easily tell that this one\’s a premium brand as it truly speaks superb comfort, ultra-soft and right snug fit. What I like most on Hi Cut undies is that it gives me the support to tucked in my muffin top and it provides full front and rear coverage.
Oh well, the experience to level up to a premium brand is what every woman\’s secret desire for a well deserved luxury… can you agree? 💕 😍

Anyway, here’s more to love with the Cherokee Stretch Hi Cut Underwear: 

✅ Made with lightweight cotton and flexible spandex.

✅ Available in 6 fashionable, striking designs and color patterns.

✅ Comes with an ultra-soft waistband that gives maximum comfort.

✅ Get-real comfortable as this hi cut underwear come tag- free.

✅ Its no ride up legs gives you effortless movement.

✅ Machine washable without running color or excessive shrinking.

Now, that I\’ve tried Cherokee\’s intimate apparel, I\’m pretty 
sure that  trying out Cherokee\’s Fashion Style can also deliver the true meaning and feels of  the hashtag #CherokeeFeelsGood

9 responses to “Review: Cherokee Women\’s Hi Cut Underwear”

  1. I haven't heard about the Cherokee line, so I am excited to check them out. They look so soft and comfortable, and I love that they don't ride up. Thanks for sharing your review.


  2. The Cherokee's women under wear look beautiful. This should be my first time of seeing any of their product. Great writeup. I need to send this to my wife .


  3. Oooh I haven't heard of this brand before but they sound lovely and comfortable so I will check it out. Thanks so much for reviewing!Jackie – Organised Mum Life


  4. I love that these underwear is 95% cotton! I rarely get underwear that is not cotton. I am more of comfort rather than style when it comes to intimate apparel.


  5. These underwear are functional and beautiful designed. Although it's the first time I heard about the brand, but based on your review I think Cherokee succeed to deliver the comfort.


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