Create A Life Time Memories with

Taking photos is the best way to preserve memories, right?
As for me, I\’ve been into scrapbooking and those precious photos serve as one of my priceless possessions. Collecting photos can bring back the joy from the past travel, experiences, and milestones.
Taking photos has been so much easier with today\’s smart phones and cameras. I\’m no longer into scrapbooking but switched to creating photobooks instead. I remember I had my very first photobook ordered from 9 years ago. Back then, I just send all the photos I want for layout and then they emailed back the preview for approval.
Fast forward today, we have a total of 13 photobooks already and our new addition came from that I received 3 days ago.
I have been creating photobooks for our family memorabilia for the past years and yet still have 10,000+ photos stored in my phone memory, hah! I actually have a pending photo project to do, simply because turning memorable photos into lasting books is how I make sure that we never lose those precious photographs.
This one is the Classic  11 x 8.5 inches Landscape Hard cover image wrap (40 pages) photobook which cost ₱995. I was able to squeeze in our 2 summer getaway within this book! This book contains 115 shots of our travel photos plus the fun of creating personalized notes and quotes to remember.

The price of Classic Landscape photobooks starts at 624 for 20 pages. You can choose from 20 to 120 pages whichever suit your needs. They offer FREE shipping for orders 999 above.
Creating a photobook is super easy, just create an account, and choose from the ff. sizes:

Classic Landscape
Hardcover Imagewrap Landscape Photobook 11×8.5in 

Classic Portrait
Hardcover Imagewrap Portrait Photobook 8.5 x 11in 

Classic Square
Hardcover Imagewrap Square Photobook 8in x 8in
Soft Cover Medium
Medium Landscape Softcover Photobook 21×15 cm (8.27 x 5.90in)

After choosing the number of pages for the book size, you can start by adding photos to include. The site is easy to use and navigate. Themes, clip art, background and layout templates are available, and you can add your own text for a more personalized and customized creation. Once done, click \’order\’ and proceed to checkout. Next step is to enter your shipping information and choose Paypal or BDO bank deposit. If you choose to pay thru bank, just transfer or deposit  the amount to  Gutenberg Print Pack Solutions\’ BDO account# indicated. And then, email the transfer or deposit slip with your order number and wait for the confirmation email, and that\’s it! 

You can count on Storybook.PH if you\’re making a travel book, a baby book, or a photobook about anything that matters to you.
I have yet to try their unique prints on wood  or the Canvas wall art photo, but that\’s definitely my next project in line. I originally plan to have a  \’cross-stitch\’ family portrait but I don\’t think that I can ever have the time to start one. So, this wood print or canvas art is more doable and closer to reality! 😉 
I can see my old self  browsing pages of photobooks when all that\’s left  is to reminisce. FB becomes my online photo album but nothing beats having a lasting prints of memorable photos ~ as a meaningful way to celebrate and hold on to life time memories. 💕

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  1. Ako, I love scrapbooking too kaya my kids' photo albums are some of my projects. Pero yes as time can't allow me doing it, this is better. Would love to try creating our photo album through StorybookPH. 🙂


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