Be a Safe, Secure Shopper and Score Great Deals Online!

Shopping is long considered a therapy for most people, not just exclusive for women. The brain releases stress and replaces it with \”happy hormones\”. You need it once in a while 😉.

However, the unpredictable movement of the economy oftentimes tapers our shopping sprees and we inclined to do pencil-pushing more to save money.

This is a long-running situation. Prices increase. Cost of goods increase. Business owners with physical stores are hit the most as they juggle their overhead and are forced to either cost-cut or just charge more.

For one, selecting what you want is substantially easier. You can do it anywhere as long as you have an internet access. It\’s not also rocket science to know that is much cheaper than going out and buying in the mall.

Obviously, the online shopping industry continues to grow. I have long been taking advantage of conveniently shopping with my trusted e-commerce sites, making me save money with online deals.

Here\’s the top reasons why I mostly prefer and enjoy shopping online:

  • Saves precious time.
  • You can shop any time of the day.
  • You don\’t need to pay for gas and parking.
  • Have more options.
  • Can easily compare prices.
  • Can use coupons or cashback.
  • Can get exclusive discount offers.
The convenience is the biggest perk! Online shopping has gained its popularity and offered us a great alternative. Making purchases right at your fingertips and have it conveniently delivered was such a relief.

It\’s understandable that there still people who remain doubtful, and hasn\’t fully embraced the idea of shopping online. I think starting off with identifying your safest payment option can help.

Also, keep in mind the following safety security precautions to be a safe and secure shopper:

10 Ways to Stay Safe when Shopping Online:

  1. Trust your gut.
  2. Be extra careful when you\’re in mobile device.
  3. Don\’t use public wi-fi to shop.
  4. Check your credit card statement frequently.
  5. Use a virtual credit card number.
  6. Change your passwords regularly.
  7. Look for HTTPS in the URL rather than HTTP.
  8. Don\’t click on links in emails!
  9. Check the company\’s privacy policy.
  10. Update your browser.

To fully enjoy the convenience of technology, we have to learn and carefully understand how it actually works to debunk all those online shopping misconceptions.


9 responses to “Be a Safe, Secure Shopper and Score Great Deals Online!”

  1. great tips here for safe online shopping.. i have learned not to click on email links. and definitely try to ensure to shop on more well-known sites or check for reviews for new sites on bbb or similar before shopping


  2. This is very helpful. At first, I was hesitant in using my credit card for online shopping. We really need to be vigilant with all the scams online. I'm now using the online shopping app called Hataw PH


  3. Those are very good tips for staying safe while shopping online. I definitely prefer online shopping because of the reasons you listed. I also love shopping online because I can stay in my pajamas.


  4. I prefer to buy everything online it’s so convenient. I like your tips on shopping safe. Their have been times where things seemed to good to be true, so I trusted my gut, and walked away from a potentially harmful purchase.


  5. I go half-half on shopping. I like to still go to stores for clothing because I like to try things out first. But for everything else, I try to see what I can buy online first.


  6. The coupons and the cash back offers on line are the hardest things for me to come by. I know they exist out there. But I don't know whether I am too lazy or what. You do present a lot of great benefits to online shopping here for sure.


  7. Initially, there were many questions to opt for online shopping but now people are showing utmost interest. I was the same but i love shopping now online. As everyone else the cashback offers, free shopping, coupons are the key players that make me shop more and get everything at reasonable prices. I generally shop from the Lazada store which is in the top place of my priority list as Lazada coupons save the best. Thanks for sharing the info that truly helpful for the shoppers who still have doubts about online shopping.


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