An Honest Review at Althea\’s Petal Velvet Sunaway

There are many known benefits of using sunscreen protection and it is a must to apply when heading outdoors! but I recently discovered that sunscreen should be wear even when spending the day indoors for UV exposure?!
Oh well, I have been faithfully using my Total Age Repair wrinkle reduce BB cream that has SPF45/PA+++. I am wearing it daily as I love how it provides perfect coverage, anti-wrinkle and sun protection, at once. So, this counts as an everyday sunscreen protection for regular days. It is only during pool or beach trips, that I turn to advanced sun protection creams for face and body.
That\’s basically my when and where preference of using sunscreens. I have normal skin type, so I am open on discovering new products to try until I found something that I can actually use.
Last month, Althea Korea  launch a brand new product under the Petal Velvet line, and send over the \”Petal Velvet Sunaway\” sunscreen kit for me to try.
It\’s super lightweight and quick to absorb and provides high level of  protection from UV rays with a petal-like finish. It surprisingly blends well without white residue, and has high protection grade of SPF50+ PA++++ for maximum sun protection. It’s floral scented and without sticky and oily feels, but  it has rich kind of floral scent that I\’m actually not a fan of (sorry…).

The kit comes with 3 variants of Petal Velvet powders in #0 translucent#23 warm beige, and the special edition  #PinkLavender.

This is a perfect skin smoothing powder to set a fresh and matte radiant finish. I have been using the pink lavender powder already before I received this set so I tried the translucent powder and intend to give the warm beige to my SIL as a Christmas gift while I\’m keeping the pink lavender as my stock 😉.

Now back to the Petal Velvet Sunaway, I tried using this for a week and let go of my usual morning skincare routine to give way for this product.

True to its claim, it does provide a petal-like finish or poreless coverage and easy to blend. It\’s like magically transforms a liquid into powder. I\’m almost inlove with this product as I fully understand the need to have daily sun protection but I\’m torn to sticking to my ever reliable BB cream (with SPF45/PA+++)  for heavy coverage of my dark circles (as seen below 😳).

Overall, the Althea Petal Velvet Set is highly recommended for daily use to help minimize skin aging, unless you have other skin concerns to prioritize.

Althea\’s launch offer of this New PETAL VELVET SET -Moisture filled Sun and Sebum Control at 10% OFF the Sunaway + your choice of powder is still up. Get yours from this link to try if this affordable duo is a perfect fit for your skincare needs.

Just a gentle reminder on sunscreen: wear it daily and  re-apply as needed! ❤️


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