Merchant Account Solutions can provide your business with free equipment

Merchants who have already been using the point of sale system for a while would understand the ease and simplicity of involving this new technology in to the business they already have been in to since decades. The traditional billing system involved in maintaining registers and it was even harder to maintain inventory because managers had to do it manually. Replacing old process with new machines made life easy and the clover POS made it even more fast and simple.

Hence, for those who are already well acquainted with this new technology and have been using it for a while would completely agree to the fact that having a system that is not bounded with any contract is great. But there are still some issues with the point of sales system like it does not support payments using chip or cards that are almost extinct. The reason why one must go for cloverstation 2and upgrade the recent system because the new POS come with new features that make things easier than it was ever before. 

Here are some new features that have been added in the clover system 2-
  •      A large display screen helps in seeing the figures clearly from a distance.
  •    The payment process is made faster and chips and old card are also acceptable in this new upgrade.
  •     The printer display screen is switched at the client’s side so that the customers can see the billing amount and details easily.
  •     Inventory tracking- this is a very effective feature for restaurants and retail shops because they need to keep their inventory up to date so that they can serve their customers efficiently. As some items are sold out the inventory gets tracked and the items are added to the list so that it can be arranged soon. 
  •     When managers or inventory staff goes to the super market for buying thing then the merchant account helps one in seeing the items and quantity that is needed to be bought from the market, hence, one does not need to keep a different list for such things.
  •     Other features like fingerprint scanning device and time sheet management tools makes worth it to buy cloverpos.

People who have already been having a merchant accountwith the clover POS service providers can end up getting free equipments when registering for the upgraded version. Having equipments such as a POS station, printer, display screen or mini POS makes it easy for restaurants to serve customers. The mini POS can be carried to the table to take orders and also let the customers make payments without facing any sort of delays.

The mini POS also have a mini printer installed that helps in handing over a printed bill to the customer then and there without making them wait. Managing tables and lodging facilities also becomes easy with the clover station 2. Each and every information needed is there on the screen and hence one can be very prompt with providing the needed information to the customers.

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