Getting the work done via Team Effort & Home Service

As a stay at home mom, I too have a busy schedule. It seems like 24 hours wasn\’t enough to accomplished things that needs to be done. And so I learned how to maximize my time and prioritized the more important things at the moment.
Months ago, I decided to no longer hire a house help to teach my kids learn to do things on their own. I constantly remind them to be responsible starting with their own stuff as simple as putting the dirty clothes in the laundry bin to taking out their lunch boxes from their bags.
A good start of making them realized that they are responsible after their own mess. And it created a bonding time for us to stay at home and do the chores together and focus on team effort. Although it doesn\’t completely working well for there are complaints, constant whining and refusals. But hey, that\’s normal! right?
I am pleased on how things are turning out as we all learn to manage our time accordingly and appreciate everyone\’s effort. Although this time the house chores was mostly on me, I intend to see things differently and be more positive on how we can develop a sense of purpose, get to know ourselves better and improve our relationship.
It\’s basically true that children watch everything we do, so by teaching them firsthand on how to take responsibility and develop a good work behavior is a must.
Not that we can handle everything. Ofcourse, we still need some sort of help every now and then when things doesn\’t turn out as scheduled or needed a professional help on house or appliance service.
Home Services Professionals provide an easier solution to get things done but finding one that provides excellent service and professionalism seems daunting and time consuming. I recently scheduled a cleaning service for our air condition but it wasn\’t a pleasant experience. I have to wait for 3 days to follow up from the customer service for their accredited technician. Imagine the hassle of getting a poor service not worth of time and money? Wasteful.
A one good solution for this is to avail of a service that connects you to a good market, like Pronexis lead management service that provides solution of connecting homeowners to efficient service professional. It\’s a lead technology that saves you time finding recommendations and feedback to get the best service on our most ideal time.
Our generation is lucky enough to make our life easier, agree? Putting up together contacts that provides reliable service in our most convenient time is purely genius. As a stay at home mom who struggles on keeping the house well-maintained and in order, this solution is truly a life saver!
I feel like scheduling a home cleaning service once in a while whenever I feel the need to take a break and reward myself for the best \”ME\” time as a form of self-care.
Overall, asking for help to make life easier is not a bad idea and getting the best service that we deserve sums up a more  relaxing and rewarding experience. 

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