Finding Off-Broadway Shows

Whether you’re trying to discover the next big thing, avoid the masses at blockbuster plays and musicals or save money on tickets, seeing an off-Broadway show might be your answer. Performed in venues with a seating capacity between 99 and 499 people, these performances might play to smaller crowds but definitely don’t have lower entertainment value. Find seats to these fascinating shows with a variety of techniques.

Word of Mouth

Because entertaining off-Broadway shows generate a lot of buzz, get the word on the street to determine what ticket to buy. Ask co-workers, friends, family members or even theatergoers on the subway which productions they’ve seen and loved. You can also turn to NYC theater reviews for the lowdown on compelling smaller productions in your favorite genres.

Consider Your Mood

Off-Broadway shows run the gamut from larger productions that are just starting out to small interactive experiences and revivals. Determine the type of theatre experience you’re in the mood for, then search ticket listings by genre to choose the specific show you’d like to see. Everything from comedy and drama to one-act plays, solo performances and edgy performance art are available each season.

Follow Favorites

Discover productions you’ve never considered by visiting the social media accounts of your preferred actors, writers and directors who are off-Broadway staples. You’ll not only learn where they’re currently appearing but might also catch a glimpse of their future projects. Visit the websites of favorite theaters or producers for information on current productions and sign up for notifications about upcoming shows that you can look forward to. Although they may not receive as much buzz as their Broadway counterparts, off-Broadway shows can sometimes be even more engaging in a more intimate setting. The next time you’re heading to the theater, consider tickets to a performance in the smaller setting that might make an even bigger impression on you.


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