Creative Ways to Throw a Fun and Unique Birthday Party

Everyone loves cake and ice cream, but there are so many ways to get more creative with your kids\’ birthday parties. Choose a theme or event that your child already enjoys and recreate the atmosphere at home for a personal and memorable birthday party your friends and family will love! These themes are easy to pull off in your own backyard and appeal to almost every age.

Host a Carnival

Set up a few game booths, a face painting table and a concessions stand to throw a carnival-themed birthday party in your yard. Take things to another level of fun and entertainment by renting inflatables new jersey. Instead of sending everyone home with typical party favors, have the kids earn tickets at the games to exchange for prizes. Balloons and bright colors make for fun and easy decorations and corn dogs and cotton candy are great snack options.

Create an Outdoor Movie Theater

It\’s relatively inexpensive to rent or borrow a projector that can turn the side of your house into an instant movie screen. This night time party can feel even more magical with string lights hung overhead throughout the yard. Guests can lounge on blankets, sleeping bags or cushions while munching popcorn and nachos and enjoying a favorite film. A birthday cake topped with sparkler candles is a great finale to this birthday under the stars.

Design Your Own Escape Room

Older children and teens love solving mysteries and deciphering clues. You can create your own escape room at home by using ready-made kits or designing your own. Choose an exciting or mysterious theme, like roaring twenties dinner party, an haunted castle or an alien spaceship. Invite your guests to attend in costume and decorate your space to make it feel like you\’ve stepped into a real-life mystery. Theme music and sound effects can create an even more dramatic atmosphere for the party.
Birthdays are the perfect time to use your imagination and create lifelong memories for you and your children.

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