Your Guitar Can Be Repaired in the Boston Area

Boston guitar repair is a unique talent, and it is available locally in the Greater Boston and New England areas including Waltham, Cambridge, Wellesley, and Newton. Knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen know just how important it is to bring a favorite instrument back to its original condition and restore it so that it can continue to make beautiful music and have the sound just right. 

They can plek the guitar, restring, fine tune the nut and frets, and add any mods and upgrades needed to match your individual playing style and give you maximum playability, All those skills guarantee that the technicians will treat your guitar with great care and precision. Main Street Music Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts, has served musicians and music enthusiasts in the Boston and surrounding areas since 1993, which is more than 25 years of providing their large selection of instrument sales and services.

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

They also rent various instruments and schedule lessons with their excellent music instructors for students of all ages who have different experience and ability levels. The lessons cover all styles of music, give in-depth training, and are designed to teach both basic as well as advanced techniques that will improve the playing skills of the students.

The instructors have extensive and varied experience and are proud to pass along their knowledge to present and future music enthusiasts as well as to professionals. The staff is happy to share information and recommendations with their customers and provide a complimentary lesson in order to teach the basics if you buy an instrument in-store. Nationwide shipping is available if you want to give a gift to a family member or friend in another area for a special birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, house warming, or another such important occasion.

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