Have Fun Teaching Your Older Children How to Protect Themselves

It is easy when they are little. You keep them indoors unless you are going to be outside too. You check for monsters under the bed and make sure the doors are locked. But way to soon, your babies turn into teens and young adults that have to go out into the world alone. Teach them how to stay safe while spending some quality time together.

Self-Defense Classes
Check with your local community center for self-defense classes being held in your area. These classes are informative for people of all ages. The instructors are often police officers that know first hand what you can encounter in a dangerous situation. Make a night of it by going out to grab a bite to eat after the class. This gives you one on one time with your child to discuss what you learned.

Learning to Shoot

If you already know how to handle a firearm, you can teach your child yourself. Otherwise, contact the local shooting range to inquire about an instructor that can teach both of you. Once you get past that, you can take concealed carry classes. Finish up your adventure with a shopping trip for concealed carry clothing .

Practice Safety

Long before they are ready to go off to college, you need to be setting a good example of how to stay safe. Be in the habit of always locking the doors when you get home and keep windows latched. Explain how important it is to park in well-lit areas, and make sure car doors are also locked each time you enter or exit the vehicle. Most importantly, be aware of your surroundings.
Taking self-defense classes together, learning to shoot, and practicing safe behaviors together makes these lessons fun, and one day they will be part of you and your child’s special memories. Best of all, you will feel much better about them heading out into the world on their own.

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