Canvas Photo Prints from Photobook PH ~ For Moments Beyond Words

The best way to preserve memories is to have your photos printed adding up to your photo album keep sake. But in today\’s modern technology when having your photos conveniently stored on cellphones, laptops etc., I bet most of us don\’t even bother to have our photos printed. I know, right?!
I have been guilty of storing 10,000+ photos in my cellphone! A collection of everyday random photos, milestones and special events. Last year, I completed an order of photobook for our summer escapade but that was a year ago and there\’s hundreds of best photos add up already up to this time that needs to be printed, again. 😀
So to keep up the habit of turning memorable photos into lasting books, I need another photo project to accomplish. But before that, I was lucky to received a gift voucher to try Photobook Philippines\’ Canvas Print.
I have tried different sizes and layout for Photobooks and this fully personalized canvas print is something new to add up to our photo collection.

I was sold on filling up the empty wall space with sweet little moments of love and happiness on Canvas Prints!
This personalized keepsake is a lightweight canvas in 12×18 standard texture for a classic impression, a heartwarming modern take on wall decoration. Canvas prints are mounted on high density PVC foam boards which are strong, lightweight and moisture-resistant, thus making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. They are UV printed using the highest quality printing technology that promises better colour accuracy as well as resistance to scratch and water moisture. There are no need for staples as each piece is created through a digital cutting system to ensure total perfection for a flawless fold.
It comes with a dowel stand in case you choose not to wall mount the canvas. Photo prints on canvas comes in different categories of design and formats. You can choose from Single, multi, and split formats to match your wall decor needs.
Although print is UV protected, it is not advisable to expose it to direct sunlight. To clean the surface, use a soft duster or damp cloth. I love how lightweight the canvas is, the standard texture looks like a tiny pieces of puzzle put together.
Photo canvas price starts from Php 1,200 depending on size of  8\” to 20\” for square, portrait, landscape, or panoramic size orientation.
Truly, Canvas Prints bring personality to the wall, making your house feel more like a home. Exude a heartwarming mood by adding your happiest moments, favourite quotes or embellishments on Canvas Prints. 

My Thoughts?
Like having photobooks for lasting memories, this Canvas Print is also a good investment for personal memorabilia. For old souls like me, this lasting Print  is worth the money.

Will I buy one? Definitely. But will wait for any discount codes. 😆

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