Stay at Home Mom Strategies on Handling Emotional Challenges

I came across an article about  Stay at Home Mom\’s depression and how to avoid it. These past few days, I have been dwelling on negative thoughts of how my life is running on  chores and deemed as \”routinary ordinary\”. Laundry pile, dirty dishes, and all that never-ending chores seems to take away my sense of self. It sometimes feels like I lost my own self  as soon as I enter this motherhood journey.

I\’d love to think, I am not alone. We are not alone. After getting into some intentional choices and do more of self-care, I now came to realized that being a mom is a constant hard work. I think making it work everyday is – brave. And, getting up the next day to do it all over again is what makes us amazingly brave! Keep in mind that not everyone is being gifted of this opportunity to stay home and raise our own kids.

Remember those days when you are working full time and wished you are home with your kids? And when the time came we are actually doing the \’stay at home thing\’ we are dreaming of working instead, focusing on career growth and accomplishments?

In today\’s modern world where social media fuels envy and comparison of one\’s life, we have to be reminded that it doesn\’t always mean that you are better or worse. And, there is no perfect life. Everyone has their own burden. What\’s important is how we overcome those burdens and continue to move forward.

We all have our own unique journey. We all have our own success and failures that comes in our own time frame. I can clearly admit that this thing was just purely out of boredom and we need to take back our full control to get back on our amazing role.

Here\’s 5 Simple ways to get started on getting back all the good thoughts and combat that sad feeling that causes significant anxiety.

1. Relax.

Take a necessary break to recharge and rejuvenate. Take your own pace in doing things. There\’s no rule to finish that house work within the day. Learn to prioritize things that needs immediate attention and learn to take it slow. In this case, there\’s plenty of \”me-time\” to enjoy.

Even a long uninterrupted shower break feels like a vacation, agree?

A time away from routine also helps. Emphasize the importance of travel in your life. Take trips to help you gain a greater appreciation for everything in your life.

2. Eat right.

It is important to stay healthy but allow yourself on few crappy cravings that helps boost your appetite.

3. Exercise.

Exercise can always makes you feel better. There\’s no excuse, you owe this to yourself as part of self-care. Give yourself even 20 minutes a day of realistic workouts. Don\’t push too hard on planking! Again, be realistic. Start with simple exercises and some body stretches.

4. Get a hobby.

Focus on your interest and follow your passion. One good advice that I got from an interview with Josiane Peluso from Hobby Jam is to:

\”Forget about how you think you look to others and enjoy yourself.\”

Go find that therapeutic hobby that helps refocus thoughts and mind.

5. Connect.

Go out with friends. Connect with real people that brings out the best in you. Find a support group where you can talk and laugh about those messy truth  and learn to  accept everything as  part of this normal life. We need to regain our balance and look after ourselves first to be able to look after our family.

Dr. Nava Silton, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College, said: 

“Motherhood can be very stressful — whether it’s financial stresses, time stresses, just trying to get a whole lot done in a very short period of time. I think it’s really important for mothers to be rejuvenated and refreshed.

That is why taking time to relax deserves  the number 1 spot! 💗

12 responses to “Stay at Home Mom Strategies on Handling Emotional Challenges”

  1. Yes, connect is crucial to a SAHM's mental health talaga. I used to think that being an introvert, I can live my days in isolation – bahay bahay lang forever and ever – and be quite happy and content, pero hindi pala ganun. It caught up with me eventually and yes, it triggered depression.


  2. Agree sa lahat. Ganito rin minsan nafifeel ko this past few days. I worked for 12 years but in just a snap, i resigned to be a full time mom. Minsan depressing kasi wala ka ng sariling income but at the end of the day maiisip kong worth it pa rin kasi I get to be with my kid sa mga milestones


  3. Battle against depression is real! I can imagine it worse for women who groomed for business careers but eventually choosing to stay home to look after their family. I salute SAHM mommies. Trading ones office career to a less glamorous and unappreciated of professions.


  4. Thanks for the tips, mommy! New to being a SAHM. I think nasa honeymoon stage pa ako (almost 3 months pa lang) kaya I'm still enjoying the isolation lalo na if the kids are in school. I'm pretty sure one day ma bobore din. ��


  5. I was working full time then when we moved to Sydney, I became a stay at home mom for more than 2 years. Mahirap especially for family like us na walang ibang relative. Now I am working full time again. Mahirap din. hehe! Iba iba ng challenges pero really help to connect with other people. Thanks for this great tips! 😉


  6. Thumbs up on all these tips. It really is a must to relax since motherhood is a 24/7 job and a very stressful job at that. It is also important to take on a new hobby to de-stress and unwind and keep the mind off things and concerns. Connecting with other mums who are in the same situation will also prove to be helpful. Thanks for sharing! 😉


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