Top 10 Reasons to Support Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meet our today\’s demand of energy without putting them in danger of getting expired or depleted and can be used over and over again. Sustainable energy does not include any sources that are derived from fossil fuels or waste products.

This kind of energy never runs out unlike fossil fuels; because it naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. And we all know that it is more environmentally friendly that is why it is important for us to choose this kind of energy source for the benefit of the future generations.

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When talked about sustainable and renewable energy, first thing that came to mind was Solar Panels! It may be too expensive at the beginning, but definitely reduces electricity bill in the loooong run. 

The idea of switching to ways that doesn\’t harm the environment makes a significant difference to our planet. Even in our own small way of practicing a sustainable lifestyle can make a huge impact. Truly, renewable energy is creating change!

New technologies all bring their share of advantages and drawbacks. Rolling out a number of them into a new vision of a grid will partially be the role of policymakers, but the market, too, will play its part.

Douglas Healy, an attorney with a unique specialty in energy, wonders about the breakneck speed at which the industry is changing. He, and others in executive circles who share his worries, understand the sector carries a mandate from its customers.

The mandate says that residential and commercial customers expect that electric producers will always meet their demands. Politicians also count on the same promise; otherwise, their states and districts would suffer quickly from lack of growth and opportunities. Everyone agrees that energy generation is vital for nationwide success, but few people are on the same page about the best way to get there. Douglas Healy is not alone in urging caution and more debate.

Choosing clean energy versus coal and nuclear power plants was obviously a smart decision that we need to take to show environmental concern. If we have the ways to support sustainable economic models, we should take a step towards this significant transformation to lead sustainability for all.

Here\’s the Top 10 reasons to support Sustainable energy:

  1. A real alternative
  2. They\’re Clean.
  3. Inexhaustible
  4. Safe.
  5. Available everywhere.
  6. Reduce energy dependence.
  7. Avoiding geopolitical conflicts.
  8. Off setting economic uncertainly.
  9. Creating wealth and jobs.
  10. They\’re not more expensive.
It is actually a challenge and a debate whether to invest on such a long-term way of responsible electricity generation. Its advantages and disadvantages were discussed and consumers and businesses both have their strong points. The concern on providing uninterrupted power versus intermittent power source was mainly brought up.

Furthermore, the strong belief and the will to support  this natural source of energy remains as the gradual approach to renewables continue to evolve.

One strong point is this: \”The present economic model is based on fossil fuels, with a cost structure that penalizes its environmental effects and it is not transparent in the payment of subsidies. Mature renewables technologies, such as wind, would, in fact, already be competitive or even cheaper if all of their environmental costs were internalized.\”

Now is the best time to support Sustainable Energy, would you agree?


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