Why Choose Crafted Beer over Manufactured?

A craft beer is simply defined as a beer that is made by small, independent brewers or “micro-brewery” and not by big corporations known  as “mega brewery”. It is considered a microbrewery  if it produces limited number of barrels in a year. It is produced in small batches and take pride in using premium ingredients.
So, why choose crafted beer instead of manufactured?

  •  It produces superior and special flavors.
  •  It tickles your taste buds with its rich, distinct taste.
  •  It is made with careful thought of ingredients.
  •  Uses special brewing process.
  •  It offers some important health benefits (with moderate consumption!).
The dedication and creativeness of coming up with a high quality beer is what sets it apart from manufactured. One can easily tells the difference of drinking a fresh craft beer over mass produced.
Many will still choose premium beers over cheaper brands because of its quality, unique flavor and special brewing technique. The goal of micro brewery is to make a strong impressions and provide exceptional beer experience. That is how a micro brewery, Melvin Brewing sums up their line that says “If your beer is not madness, it’s not beer.”
Another important thing is that Craft Beer also offers the following proven Health Benefits:
(again, with moderate consumption of 1-2 drinks per day!)
1. Decreased risk of weight gain among women who drink moderately, compared to those who don’t drink.
2. Decreased risk of hypertension.
3. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, among healthy men, men who have had heart bypass surgery, women and among drinkers with type II diabetes.
4. Beer is a rich source of silicon, which plays a role in increasing bone mineral density and may help prevent osteoporosis.
5. Decreased risk of heart failure, especially for moderate consumers.
6. Consumption of alcohol is associated with lower risk of arthritic conditions and lowers the risk and the severity of rheumatoid arthritis.
7. Consumption of alcohol can help lower your cholesterol by raising high-density lipo protein (HDL) levels.
8. Decreased risk of diabetes by roughly 40 percent compared to abstainers.
9. Decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, particularly in female non-smokers
10. Decreased risk of poor cognitive function for men and women.
11. Decreased risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density.
12. Increases absorption of dietary fiber.
13. Hops contain Xanthohumol, which has been found to have significant anti-cancer activity in liver cancer cells and also in colon mucosa.
Truly, micro brewery not only strives to make unique blend of taste but also takes great pride with the brewing process used and its high quality ingredients that  contains antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B complex. In this way, we can enjoy our favorite crafted beer without regrets as it can provide lots of health benefits.
Thanks to scientific research,  we have all the good reasons to be a proud “craft beer drinker” after a hard day from work. It’s a refreshing way to relax and reduce physical and mental fatigue… but please remember to responsibly savor the flavor!

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