Hypnotherapy: A Journey That Starts Within

Hypnotherapy is a form of integrative therapy treatment designed to support well being to help deal with phobias, unwanted habits, stress and tension reduction, pain, and sleep difficulties.

It is not intended to replace conventional treatment but a great addition to empower body and mind and relieve discomfort with the use of effective relaxation techniques.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

During hypnotherapy session, the therapist use words and multisensory images that helps control physical and emotional responses to create a relaxing state that heightened focus for overall well-being. It encourages the body to activate its relaxation response and promote positive behavioral changes.

As per research studies, hypnosis has 93% success rate. It is designed to unlock your unconscious state, and unpack old fears and beliefs.

Feel liberated, activated and awakened by booking a session!

+62 813 8554 7242

Address: Camp. Babakan Kemang, Palm number 88
rt 01/04 cihideung Udit, Ciampea, Bogor. 16620

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