Top 5 Home Improvement Projects Amidst Pandemic

Driven by our shifting priorities to comfort, health and safety, this pandemic sparked significant interest in home improvement projects. For some of us, this is the best time to check and consider any repairs and improvements that need to be done to enhance functions and add up home value.

More time stuck at home also means more time to notice any problem or area that needs an upgrade. The money that was once spent on travel, dining out, and entertainment was now invested in home modification or DIY remodeling to used our extra time at home and feel extra cozy.

Here’s the most popular Home Improvement Projects amidst COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Exterior remodeling and renovation

Exterior home improvements to consider include entry door replacement, opting for stone veneer, garage door, roofing, and siding replacement, Decks & Docks addition, and a place to unwind and relax- the backyard patio.

Even exterior painting can make a huge standout. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look and feel brand new! It’s a simple way to transform and spice up your home’s personality, giving a warm, inviting impression.

2. Adding up a home office

Be it a small corner or a luxurious space at home that gives a boost to productivity. An office vibes can make a big difference to your work focus and energy. Even a small fixture of a well-equipped and organized desk at home is a wise upgrade.

3. Bathroom remodel

Inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas on small upgrades or full overhauls can give an impressive new look. From glamorous vanity, sleek shower, to freshening up caulk and grout can lift and improve the whole “bathing experience”.

4. Kitchen renovation

The busy kitchen becomes busier! And now’s the best time to invest in appliances and make that jaw-dropping makeover or even inexpensive and sustainable upgrades. From country casual to sleek model, depending on your own taste of design that excites you.

You can never go wrong in choosing highly functional design options over inefficient latest innovations.

5. Smart Home devices

Home automation uses smart home technology to control items and follow commands. That sounds exactly what we needed at home right now. From robot vacuum cleaners, blinds, speakers, lights, appliances, fitness devices, cooking utensils… you name it! Those can all connect and communicate to follow your order via Alexa or google assistant.

Moreover, being at home also means more house chores to do. We can get better help with the use of home appliances that can simplify the work. Though it takes a serious investment of time and money, you can carefully decide if the benefits can outweigh the cost and hassle.

These are the home projects that are worth taking into consideration. After all, any improvement whether big or small can uplift and inspire us. We can truly relax and find comfort in our own homes as we all stay safe during this unprecedented time.


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