Embark On Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas!

Home improvement projects has surged amidst pandemic. Homeowners used their extra time at home to upgrade their space for a more relaxing feel. The demand on home improvement rebounded much more during this time from DIY projects to major renovation upgrades.

Adding value to home and enhancing the cozy vibe becomes a thing that increases our enjoyment while staying at home. While this pandemic has had its major effects in our lives and takes toll in our emotional well-being, it opened a new window for home updates that creates excitement as a new way to cope with anxiety. Pandemic home projects can bring numerous mental health benefits as it can brighten up your mood or allows you to do a little exercise.

This transformation project can add a feeling of comfort and sense of control. So, If you are feeling good about this, think of it as moving of funds. The money that’s usually spent on dining out and leisure, becomes the fund for a more thrilling upgrade! Surprisingly, this is the best time to embark on that long lost plan on home improvements.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Why not go on a full home remodeling if budget permits? But then if you have a limited budget, then you can opt to prioritize a room to redesign to make it more appealing, and organized.

If you are contemplating on a bathroom remodel, Here’s 10 Indicators Why You Should Go for it:

  1. A bathroom in a good condition will add up value to a house
  2. For safety reasons
  3. The plumbing needs to be fixed
  4. Efficiency and sustainability
  5. It’s outdated
  6. Mold and mildew are increasing
  7. The need for more storage/ space
  8. Add up features to suit family’s needs
  9. Need protective layers for the walls.
  10. Needs more aesthetic appeal

Also, Here’s the 9 Ideas to consider to get you started in your bathroom makeover:

  1. Install a freestanding bathtub
  2. Select an undermount sink
  3. Upgrade your toilet
  4. Consider a medicine cabinet
  5. Add steam to your shower
  6. Change color palette
  7. Prioritize lighting
  8. Install a ventilation fan
  9. Put up storage solutions

Whether if it’s just in time to remodel or you are simply unhappy and wanting to transform its looks; it is certainly a good investment. You can never go wrong from design updates to making it more functional. You’ll never regret making it your happy space. After all, it’s the first room to go when you wake up and start your day.

Making the bathroom extra appealing creates a luxurious self-care moment that we all deserve during this unprecedented time. You can get inspiring design ideas from those drool-worthy hotels you’ve been to or design boards from Pinterest that best suits your lifestyle.


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