Getting A Private LTE For Your Business?

Mobile marketing is such a powerful digital strategy that connects business to consumers. Brand campaigns and promos are effectively sent out using one global cloud-based communications platform. In this way, they can easily earn customer’s loyalty and meaningful mobile engagement are delivered.

Thru this, a brand story can constructively resonates a way with audience and can have better understanding on brand’s engagement efforts. Evidently, Private Cellular Networks, which includes Private LTE becomes the best option for wireless networking.

Any organization can build and operate their own private LTE network if needed. It just require a scope, network infrastructure equipment and edge devices to access this network tool.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Private Enterprises: Practically any type of organization – manufacturing company, mining company, university, transportation agency, utility, etc. – can install and operate a private LTE or 5G network to provide connectivity to their factory, mine, campus, airport, or utility service area. To do this, the organization needs:

  • Wireless spectrum purchased from the government, or provided to them by an MNO or third party spectrum provider. They can also use unlicensed spectrum or spectrum that is “shared,” like CBRS spectrum in the U.S.
  • LTE or 5G infrastructure — base stations, mini-towers, small cells, and other equipment — purchased from network infrastructure equipment providers.
  • Smartphones, embedded modules, routers, gateways, and other edge devices with SIM cards and modems to connect to their private LTE or 5G network. 

Businesses are shifting to cloud applications, and traditional telcos haven’t exactly providing a reliable service to enterprises. In handling over the wireless network to one of those companies seems like a big leap of faith and has far more risk than reward.

So should you consider a Private LTE for your business?

A comprehensive understanding should be made in considering getting one. A big issue to discuss is data ownership. When a network operator sells a service to a business, it owns the data. If the business wants to analyze the data, it must then buy its own data back.

Network data has become a critical asset for digital businesses for use cases ranging from inventory management to customer experience and, most recently, contact tracing. The ability to take WiFi data and dig it a hundred ways is one of the big advantage of WiFi. If the 5G operators are going to be serious enterprise vendors, this problem must be resolved.

Due to the specialized equipment required, private LTE is more expensive. But for many businesses they are the best solution. For example, a hospital needs all of the healthcare equipment and facility computers to be connected to an absolutely trustworthy network. Healthcare organizations are held to some of the highest standards for ensuring the security and privacy of patient data. The consequences for a network failure are also drastically high for such organizations, where even seconds of downtime could cost lives.

Though not as extreme, airports, stadiums, and other venues have similar set ups – and for security and bandwidth reasons, want their internal equipment kept separate from the Wi-Fi network the general populace uses. The advancements in private networks offers the same performance and security benefits. It also offers new opportunities and the following features:

  • wider network capability
  • new administrative controls
  • flexibility for equipment location
  • other new possible configurations

Overall, making a private LTE as the incredible tool for business depends entirely on understanding the specific situation and business needs. The success lies on whether having this automation aligns on beneficial business goals.


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