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  • Bento #3: Friendly Chicks

    As a beginner in Bento making, I was quite happy and proud for the Friendly chicks that I made. The used of Nori seaweed is excellent in adding character  and design.    What I need to learn next is how to  prepare a balance diet, not just a fun and interesting design (way to go!).    

  • Bento #2: Happy Bunny

    Here\’s a breakfast bento for my preschooler who\’s practicing a dance number for their upcoming United Nation\’s day Celebration.  First  ever use of rice molds?  just perfect! Hmn, it\’s always nice to have some improvements, agree? 

  • Bento cupcakes

    This would be my very first Bento creation featured in this blog! I labeled this as my Bento #1, so expect more Bento display for my upcoming posts. I started with this easy to prepare Bento snack, thanks to my \”animal friends\” sheet that adds up color and design to my not-so-healthy (I know!) baon for my…

  • Bento Accessories

    I am way too late to showcase the arrival of all my Bento accessories which I ordered from ebay. Here\’s the 18 items that I was bragging about on my previous post: All these items came, I think three weeks ago. I was fully occupied on our SG Trip and start of  class (June 7!)…

  • Where to Buy Bento Accessories

    Blog hopping becomes a hobby and considered my way of connecting to online acquaintances or people I considered  instant friends. We share experiences, and new finds as well as getting help on things we love and enjoy doing. It\’s good to know that there are real people who can answer your  query on almost anything…